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  1. dsiggi

    OEM KO2s Cupping

    The Gen3 calls for less camber than Gen 2. I've updated my Gen 2 to the Gen 3 alignment specs and it seems to have helped some. Suprised still having same issue on Gen 3
  2. dsiggi

    New MI Member

    Check out the Snoball! Also Catchmeoffroad does a winter run in Huron National Forest.
  3. dsiggi

    The Ultimate Bed Bolt Guide (Tools, Parts, Tips, & How To Fix)

    Did the rest of my D Rings this weekend, just a little heat on each from underneath, and no drama. Didn't take much.
  4. dsiggi

    Steering wheel removal

    lol here ya go ..
  5. dsiggi

    2013 6.2 radiator

    Sometimes local dealers do online sales as well. THere are a few here in the Detroit area an prices are similar to tasca... Just have to find which dealer it is to pick it up to avoid shipping. See if any dealers do this locally to you.
  6. dsiggi

    GEN 2 CSP 21M06 - Unintended Tailgate Opening

    Its similar, but its not. I runs and seeps much better in my experience.
  7. dsiggi

    GEN 2 CSP 21M06 - Unintended Tailgate Opening

    Looks like you have a tonnue cover as well, so not sure I can attribute it to that. I've again never had an issue in rain, snow, salty roads, etc. I suggest maybe the best fix is to spray the heck out of the inside of the tailgate and get those wiring harnesses good with some CorrosionX...
  8. dsiggi

    Found an area of rust, question

    ah ok, I am not familiar with the product. What I have seen as most effective is a combination of a cosmoline on certain areas and something like a corrosion x , fluid film, or surface shield ( some type of oil based, seeping product) to keep rust a bay. Repeling elements and sealing out and...
  9. dsiggi

    Found an area of rust, question

    Define rust inhibitor? What did you use?
  10. dsiggi

    RPG Offroad traction bars creaking noise

    I thought this was posted in Gen 3.... as you were
  11. dsiggi

    RPG Offroad traction bars creaking noise

    One thing I've learned over the years is when you mess with the stock setup, you get to experience some things like this. Whats wrong with the OEM setup?
  12. dsiggi

    FS: Gen 3 37PP OEM rims

    Im in the detroit area, as antidotal evidence only a set of 5 of these went locally to me for 1100 as brand new takeoffs. Seemingly low but thats what they sold for.
  13. dsiggi

    Ford Warranty Denied Internal Taillight Cracks Claim

    lol, ill have to check mine. Technique? its just pull strait out to ensure the alighnment studs are in the proper place. Ford kills me sometimes. I did notice one of mine starting to get condensation in it.
  14. dsiggi

    Do I buy my dream truck?

    And for the love of all that is holy, please take it off road....
  15. dsiggi

    Ford Blue Certified warranty issue

    I hope you get everything worked out usafjames. Its sad whent his happens. My dad got his new 22 superduty and it lost a motor after a year and 27k miles 2 days before they were to come back to Michigan after a month outwest. Its been a disaster to say the least. Ended up escalated all the...
  16. dsiggi

    Oil change interval

    I'm usually somewhere between 5k and 7500k. I also have good friends that are engineers at Ford. The IOLM is how they run all their durability tests, so going off of that you should be good. I like to do it by the time it is down to 25 percent or so.
  17. dsiggi

    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    I have 3 friends that have bought them at MSRP. Its VERY VERY hard but not impossible.
  18. dsiggi

    Bed bolts spinning

    KHC bolts are a recipe for terrible galvanic corrosion, I would not use them with the OEM nuts. Also those grade 8 bolts are terrible when it comes to corrosion protection compared to factory.
  19. dsiggi

    The Ultimate Bed Bolt Guide (Tools, Parts, Tips, & How To Fix)

    I think offroad alliance has a video showing how to replace these bed nuts without any of the bed lifting etc... I just pulled my rear most bed bolts to re powder my bed supports and install d rings. I sprayed them like crazy with corrosion x and used the TP-50 and a breaker bar and went real...
  20. dsiggi

    Heated Steering coming back ?

    No heated steering wheel trucks = red headed step child of Raptors in the North
  21. dsiggi

    100K Mile 2017-2018 Gen 2 Reliability vs 2013 Gen 1

    This has nothing to do with the cam phaser issue. The original hardware was just not made for long term durability for the duty cycle.
  22. dsiggi

    100K Mile 2017-2018 Gen 2 Reliability vs 2013 Gen 1

    I run 87 in my Gen2 all day unless I'm at an event or towing. I think i heard it knock maybe once and pull timing. Never again. I dont drive hard in normal traffic, no reason, so 87 is fine an I have almost 90k miles.
  23. dsiggi

    Highly Unpopular Mod for Raptors

    Yep you should see some of the dents on the bottom of the running boards that would have been my doors if they were not there
  24. dsiggi

    Highly Unpopular Mod for Raptors

    These look very clean. Like you admit, Raptor usage aside, even the OEM ones dont hold up to salt/snow. My neighbor has an F150 with them deployed all the time because they are broken. Also, you'll find your gonna have tons of rock chips up the side of the truck just from the road. The OEM...