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    SPV Review!! Squadron Sport Behind Grill and Triple Rigid Radiance Fog Lights

    Man this is what I need to hear. I'm so on the fence mainly because of the fear I'll break the grill removing it or something else. And I'm pretty good mechanically but man I really love my truck and don't want to screw anything up. Also, the wiring gives me anxiety as well, and I know its...
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    I notice a weird buzz/vibration in the gas pedal at 80 mph. It’s not quite a vibration but a buzz? Hard to explain. Not as smooth as it is at 70.
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    Slight damage

    Just to help you feel better about his situation, one arrived with damaged fender flares. Two of them with scratches and a few small gouges. They wanted to repaint them, not simply replace. I reluctantly let them do that first, but was nervous. they turned out perfect. I couldn’t believe...
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    Heated Steering option to be installed by dealer at no extra cost to customers!

    I was told by a ford engineer that builds these trucks that this option would happen when they got the parts. However nobody believed me. Seems it is indeed true. Can’t wait to get it done honestly, and I likely won’t even use it but oh well.
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    16.4 mpg on 1464 mile road trip - details below

    I recently did a road trip and tried to get better mileage. I got it to 18.4 but averaged 16.4 for the entire trip. Well worth the fun it was.
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    Paint touch-up on new delivery

    My truck has damaged fender flares from transport. Dealer repainted them and did a great job on them. I was impressed. Most people don't realize that the majority of these trucks have SOMETHING fixed or touched up before it gets to you. MANY of them have touch ups at the factory before even...
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    2024 Raptor

    And the “FORD” logo is carbon fiber.
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    2024 Raptor

    You guys realize this is the raptor R in the picture. Not the regular raptor.
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    I found my Raptor….

    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Just buy it.
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    STOLEN - Silver Gen 2, Denver

    Shouldn’t be hard to test. Do what you said with someone staying inside the truck. Then see if they can start the truck.
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    Console Organization

    i would think a double sided tape piece with some sort of hook to keep the tray from sliding would work pretty easily.
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    2023 factory 37 black wheels price

    I’ll pay $2k for a set of wheels and tires with TPMS sensors if I find someone locally willing to let them go.
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    Show me your Avalanche Grey

    Mine next to the wife’s pearl white Highlander after I washed both. Really shows the difference.
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    2023 Raptor 35 Market at MSRP

    Where did you find that deal? I paid cash but would have financed at 0% for sure. Granted I didn’t even look at rates, but i have heard they are all in the 6-7%.
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    Bed/Tonneau Cover

    Dang! That’s a big price increase and I’m glad I got it when I did now.
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    Passenger tail lamp glitching

    I know this has been a while, but I have had issues with my rear passenger side tail light not working on and off lately on my 23 raptor. hoping I don’t have to have them start replacing stuff.
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    Bed/Tonneau Cover

    Not sure on what is better, but for the money I just bought a back flip mx4 as well from tonneau factory outlet. I called them for the best price and it was $879 shipped to my door.
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    Looking to purchase Gen 3 in Avalanche Grey - 35 or 37

    I can assure you they want over sticker. I searched them and they wouldn’t budge on a few previous ones and refused to consider ordering me one. went to Bill Collins a few miles away and ordered exactly what I wanted and they don’t mark them up call Bill Collins and ask for Noah Morrison. They...
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    Returned again from 20 to 23 model

    What was the problems with the redeye? was it stolen? cant have those things anywhere near a big city without them getting jacked.
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    Storage under rear seat?

    Mine is blank also and I am looking into aftermarket options which are cheaper anyways.
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    Should I Buy, or Walk?

    I’m not talking about speed, I’m talking about quality. and if anyone seriously thinks a ford is above a Toyota in the quality department, well, that would be laughable.
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    Delivery Day

    Color is awesome. I was on the fence between this and Avalanche. I went Avalanche. My delivery day should be this week!
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    Should I Buy, or Walk?

    I'm coming from a japan built Toyota 4Runner, so I feel your concern. Sold the 4runner today. My truck will be here this week. Hope I don't have much issues to deal with.
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    Interior flaws

    Unfortunately, Ford has customers that don't demand the best. Ford isn't in the market to build the best they can, they are in the market to make their stock holders more money. Until they are held to the responsibility that they should be held to, why would Ford make the change? I agree that...
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    Any Azure Gray Trucks on the Ground?

    I was on the fence between this color and Avalanche. I went with Avalanche and hope I don't regret it once I see them in person more. I always liked the Leadfoot color and think this color is actually closer than Avalanche, but we will see. Plus I think this Azure Grey will be less common...