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  1. WEJER

    22 Raptor Trade

    Definitely collects the dirt!
  2. WEJER

    New member from Orange County California

    Nice congrats… sorry about living in California.
  3. WEJER

    New member from Peoria, AZ...kind of

  4. WEJER

    Trade a Raptor for a Lightning?

    Wouldn’t want the Rivian either. Even after seeing this…
  5. WEJER

    Trade a Raptor for a Lightning?

    No thanks on the lightning. We like our ICE for trucks!
  6. WEJER

    Anyone else thinking EV swap?

    Nope on a rebuild… LOVE our ICE trucks. Still don’t think the Lightning is there yet. Now that Said… the purpose built Lucid luxury for the wife has been impressive. With multiple roundtrips of Tucson/Flagstaff on a single charge we got a little confidence in the Lucid. Just did non-stop...
  7. WEJER

    Looking for a 2023

    Ha Ha! Me too!
  8. WEJER

    Newb here from MN

    It’s a truck!
  9. WEJER

    For those that went to the Darkside (TRX)

    We have both TRX and Raptor in our immediate family… both have advantages. It’s coming down to personal preference. I like the Raptor and we do plenty of off-road to appreciate all the positives. RAM is beginning to beat Super Duty for our field trucks in the fleet. Everyone in our crew...
  10. WEJER

    Prospective Buyer - need some advice

    Suggest somehow… someway test drive both a Gen2 Raptor and also RAM TRX. Good luck and enjoy shopping.
  11. WEJER

    The death of car culture

    Things chang but ICE will always have its place. Long live ICE! Just need to understand what the controllable‘s in life are. Also what is not in your control and don’t have too many emotional leaks. ————————————————— Test drove Tesla Model S and it was fun, but... The boss always wanted...
  12. WEJER

    We like the BakFlip MX4 too. Actually got one i need to sell that wasn’t ever installed.

    We like the BakFlip MX4 too. Actually got one i need to sell that wasn’t ever installed.
  13. WEJER

    Front lights combination advice
  14. WEJER

    Front lights combination advice

    Rigid with the amber when not turned on…. Quality. Get the mounts that right side everything Too.
  15. WEJER

    Cam Phaser debacle

    Feel lucky, I checked multiple dealers to find someone I trusted. Got it done early on last year.
  16. WEJER

    2019 Satin Orange Raptor for Sale

    What did u pay for the wrap?
  17. WEJER

    2019 performance blue loaded raptor for sale

    Nice truck, congrats on selling.
  18. WEJER

    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Ha! Here in AZ we have lots of Aliens stealing stuff.
  19. WEJER

    Bed Liner Reviews

    Agreed… LineX