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  1. WetDirt

    GEN 1 Front Camera won't enable

    You might have 1 of these installed if your rear defrost activates it ford.html
  2. WetDirt

    Odd occurrence has started

    2013 130k miles having intermittent issues. It will have low idle (500rpm) when stopped which makes it shudder when easing off the brakes. While idling it will randomly die with no CEL's. During highway speeds it will shudder, like a fuel mixture mistake. Other times while driving around it...
  3. WetDirt

    Completely lost 6.2l random issues

    Hey, just recently I’ve got the same exact issues, all of them. What ended up with yours? Thanks for any help.
  4. WetDirt

    New SoCal Member

    Hey, I’d go out to the geode beds again. You camp out there?
  5. WetDirt

    Rear slide window

    You can get the part from the dealer for $16. There’s 1 great YouTube video. You need a special drill bit from harbor freight ($4). Took me an hour to replace it
  6. WetDirt

    Long Time Lurker, North San Diego County

    Yo, I’m in Carlsbad. You planning on desert rips or mountain trails? HMU
  7. WetDirt

    What do you use to prevent light theft?

    Hey, I like to see pic of the 30” (where/ how mounted) which brand? Thanks
  8. WetDirt

    Death Valley

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing.
  9. WetDirt

    Rear slide window

    Hoping for advice that is easy AND cheap (lol). Behind the rear seats, I had pulled the contoured material cover that goes over the rear wall, seatbelt mechanisms and window motor to pull wires for lights I installed in the rear bumper. I bumped the cable that goes from the motor to the window...
  10. WetDirt

    Engine bay light?

    & BOOM! Just like that. Good ‘ol BD $75
  11. WetDirt

    Engine bay light?

    I want an engine bay light on the under side of the hood. Let’s see what set up you guys have please. 1 center or 2 (1 each side). LED but not super bright like “rock lights” that’ll blind you at night. Also a sealed on/off switch mounted in there. Thanks
  12. WetDirt

    light bar behind grill

    Hey, I’d sure like to see some pics of the 30” bar mounted to the grill brackets. Which model light, bracket kit or diy? Thanks
  13. WetDirt

    GEN 1 Fire Extinguisher in the cab

    Oh damn, I like it! Super quick access is key. 1 clip & Velcro
  14. WetDirt

    GEN 1 Fire Extinguisher in the cab

    Picture of element mounted please?
  15. WetDirt

    Long time stalker, first time owner! Hello from SoCal

    Hey congrats! I just got a ‘13 in July. It’s great. Please tell me where & how you have the 30” light mounted and definitely would appreciate few pics. Thanks. Oh & what part S Cal you in? I’m in SD
  16. WetDirt

    GEN 1 Screen blinking on and off intermittently.

    Some more info please… which screen blinks, just once, just on start up, everything else works ok? Next… where, how many & how are lights mounted? Finally… please show pics of winch & winch mount
  17. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    Thanks for the link. They went on with stock rims? Have you tried them out, no issues? Did you get 2 sets?
  18. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    Thanks. Looking at that website right now. Do ya happen to know if it’s the “low profile” diamond style?
  19. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    I’ve read so many helpful threads on this forum about chains topic. Opinions & laws & experiences, but I’m actually looking for a company and part number that work on a gen 1 raptor rear tires
  20. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    Ok, cool. Thanks
  21. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    Haha… manual says no chains!
  22. WetDirt

    Which snow chains?

    WINTER WHEELING NOOB here! Advice and suggestions for snow chains please on 2013 with 35x12.5x17 bfg OEM bead lock rims. I’m in So California. I’ll be needing them for Big Bear, Mammoth, Utah & hopefully Colorado. Do I need them for… snow & ice or snow & mud? It seems like for hwy the concern is...