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    F150 LEDS 44" Paladin Lightbar $235 shipped

    Sent you a PM James....
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    Gen 2 ICON leaf springs

    Sending you a PM about these--- I'm coming to Mobile this weekend and want to talk about these with you--- thanks
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    COBB Tuners .. ??

    I’m glad it looks like you are going to join the Goosetuned Family Winfield will do your truck a world of good —- you’ll be grinning every time you drive it !! Ask me how I know I just pray the 93 Octane price will come down some day !!
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    Cracked valve cover driverside

    I am in the same boat as well guys--- 2017 @ 103000 miles....same issue on the drivers side.... I have an extended warranty so I guess I'll be scheduling maintenance at the stealership as well.... Man, I really hate to let them touch my truck.... but for some of these issues whatta ya do ???>>>
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    *SOLD* JLT 3.0 Oil Separator / $80

    Sending you a PM
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    Cobb access port

    Sending you a private message-- I'm interested in buying and would like to get first dibs on it in line :)
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    For Sale: Gen 2 Cobb Accessport V3 with TCM

    PM sent to you as we have been talking I will buy it if you get the uninstall completed for both the computer side and TCM side… please just keep me posted via private message ok- thanks
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    For Sale: Gen 2 Cobb Accessport V3 with TCM

    I sent you a PM yesterday interested in the unit ok :cool::cool:
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    So sorry to hear of this loss…. It’s never easy to lose anyone and my prayers are with the family… I pray for comfort and strength in this time for the family

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