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  1. BushwiickBill

    2019 "Live" suspension mods

    Yeah, I'm not sure how mid-travel will work with live valve but I did see the Camburg interesting if they can pull it off. I hoping some reviews of the 3.0 race series come out soon. I've been holding off on modding my 19s suspension because of not wanting to lose some or all of the...
  2. BushwiickBill

    CVF Titan Intercooler: Installation and Review

    Got damn right I do...I maximize my forced air induction!
  3. BushwiickBill

    GEN 2 Burger Tuning Stage 1 Piggyback

    Got damn I enjoyed reading this thread! Lets fire it back up...w00t! Anyone running the JB4 on the Gen 2 Raptor have any updates, reviews or opinions? I had the SVC Tune on my 2014 but looking to up the game on my 2019 without playing the return to stock, reload tune game, etc when taking to...
  4. BushwiickBill

    Sunroof....take it or leave it???

    Never opened it once on my 14 but it was purchased from a dealer lot. I had to custom order my 19 so I could delete the sunroof because every dealer in the my multi-state area orders Raptors with the pano. My opinion, they don't belong on a 4x4 but we all have different likes/uses so I can...
  5. BushwiickBill

    2019 "Live" suspension mods

    Alright fellas! Fox announced the live valve 3.0 race series several weeks ago. I'm know a lot off-road shops put on some pre-orders for them but not sure they've shipped yet. Anyone take the plunge and have them installed yet? Definitely curious on how much of an improvement they are over...
  6. BushwiickBill

    CVF Titan Intercooler: Installation and Review

    I forgot to ask...I see they offer black as an option. I'm in southern NV...gets wicked hot in the summer. Anyone know if the black version's cooling efficiency would be less than the standard aluminum finish?
  7. BushwiickBill

    CVF Titan Intercooler: Installation and Review

    Thanks a lot fellas...purchase going down tonight...w00t!
  8. BushwiickBill

    CVF Titan Intercooler: Installation and Review

    Excellent thread and it's swayed me to go with the CVF Titan. I was hoping Jgree32 or Raptor911 could expand on or explain where you purchased the "single elbow" to replace the cold side piping to charge pipe? I plan on giving CV Fab a call but there website states: Direct bolt-on...
  9. BushwiickBill

    Upper control arms and tie rods.

    Yeah, glad you confirmed that RDFTS. Be a good idea to find a shop that can before replacing them!
  10. BushwiickBill

    Upper control arms and tie rods.

    That makes a lot of send ProfZeus! Do most alignment shops know how to adjust alignment using the upper control arms? I beat up my Gen 1 pretty good out here in the NV desert and it had upgraded 3.0s, bumps and Deavers but I never did uppers or tie rod. I could have gotten lucky but never had...
  11. BushwiickBill

    Would a Gen 3 V8 kill Gen 1 resale?

    tell me more about the full court press on a 2 year old flagship race car....... the ACTUAL NOW is a blown 5.2 and a 7.3 like NOW as in YOU CANT EVEN BUY ONE YET. let reality set in, the 3.5 had its few years, with dodge confirming the hellcat truck, unfortunately your full court press flagship...
  12. BushwiickBill

    Would a Gen 3 V8 kill Gen 1 resale?

    I've never not had a v8 in a truck until my 19 Raptor. Before that it was a 2014 Raptor that I owned for 5 years and older model F150/250s. It's not close to how the 19 out performs my 14 (I upgraded 14 with fox 3.0s, deavers, The Tune and bumps 2 years in). I've drove the shit out of that 14...
  13. BushwiickBill

    After 1 Year of Owning a Leadfoot 802A SCREW

    There's no doubt anyone can and has the right to be disappointed with any purchase they make...hell, I've been there. When it comes to the Raptor, I feel the majority of the disappointed owners come from prior ownership of high performance cars. To expect a 6,000lb+ truck to perform on road...
  14. BushwiickBill

    What’s the big deal with tire shine?

    Your truck, you choose how you want it to look! I don't use it because that shit is an absolute dirt magnet. I frequent the Nevada desert often so I avoid using it always. I've used it on past 4x4s but it won't work for me in how I use my Raptor.
  15. BushwiickBill

    Upper control arms and tie rods.

    Anyone upgrade their upper control arms and have some feedback on if it was worth it or not? Besides the added strength/durability was there noticeable benefit? Looks I could care less about but if there is added benefit off-roading then I'll upgrade them when upgrade the rest of my suspension.
  16. BushwiickBill

    2019 "Live" suspension mods

    Anyone hear any updates from Fox regarding the Live Valve upgrade kit being released from Fox? Looks like Jzweedyk was told around July but I can't find any press releases/announcements from Fox hinting about the possibility. Would love to see it released and a welcome upgrade to the 2019s!
  17. BushwiickBill

    GEN 2 AWE 0FG - Who still has it installed?

    I've had my my AWE 1FG installed since 300 miles on my 19...absolutely legit in my opinion. Barks when it needs too, no drone on highway speeds. I'm impressed and this if my first V6 ever, previous was a 14 Raptor with big block magnaflow.
  18. BushwiickBill

    Washboard Dirt Roads = Major Problems

    Airing down for proper offload usage is mandatory but you don't have to go to the extreme with it either. I just finished a desert run (77 miles) all dirt today running 38F, 34 rear with some heavy washboards with no issue of control in my 19. I would air down more for offloading but that...
  19. BushwiickBill

    So If You Only Off Road a Few Weeks a Year?

    I off-road and venture into the middle of nowhere solo basically 100% of the time. I'm always prepared and everyone on this thread has offered great suggestions. I also recommend a Spot Gen 3 (satellite messenger w/GEOS S.O.S.). If you don't want to purchase one I think you can rent them...
  20. BushwiickBill

    2019 Shelby Raptor MSRP!

    I disagree, it would look better dirty. Too each they're own but it was built to murder off-road trails. Sadly, most Raptors don't ever see the dirt but there's nothing more enjoyable then shredding the desert at a 100+ mph!
  21. BushwiickBill

    GEN 2 How to get rid of "Network Connection Needed" prompt?

    You'll still get that "Network Connection Needed" even if you have the latest Sync 3 software version (3.3). I have the latest Sync software installed and still get the message. I believe, I read in another thread that Ford was aware of this issue and it will be fixed in a future update...
  22. BushwiickBill

    Corsa sport extreme

    Nah, I'm good with my neighbors but I dislike people who have unreasonable expectations. If by starting my Raptor once every morning bothers someone then the issue is with them not the Raptor. Thus, I would never appease someone who thinks that way. I would also pray for them if they ever...

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