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  1. DFS

    Feedback on your R's -- what problems have you experienced thus far?

    Pictures of your R? Only see posts about your TRX's and 2019 Raptor, would love to see your R. Sucks it's had so many problems
  2. DFS

    Gen 3 Light rough idle

    Mine certainly exhibits a rough idle as well, especially after a cold start with ambient temps below 20*F, RPM fluctuating from 1200-1800 RPM. It almost feels like a diesel high idle some mornings. I got tired of listening to it so I just garage the truck now.
  3. DFS

    New Raptor delivered on Tuesday

    If exhaust volume is your only complaint, go aftermarket with it. Get a more robust muffler and I'm sure someone can make you a custom setup to cut down on sound quite a bit.
  4. DFS

    New Gen 3 Owner Nevada

    Time to do some burnouts on Virginia street!
  5. DFS

    Leaking Fluid Help

    Thank you all, I’ll check that oil filter is properly seated. Didn’t leak until recently and previous oil change was about 6 months ago. I’ll dig in more tomorrow with sunlight.
  6. DFS

    Leaking Fluid Help

    Hello Fellow Degenerates, My ‘23 began leaking fluid from the pictured hole in the undercarriage. I am far from being an automotive mechanic so I am reaching out to the experts for help. There appears to be 7-10 drops accumulating overnight, symptoms slow with prolonged periods of the engine...
  7. DFS

    Is this gap normal?

    Not asking for, demanding. Leadership is still the main culprit either way.
  8. DFS

    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    Essentially a Trans Raptor, transitioning from great to complete and utter pile of shit.
  9. DFS

    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    Fortunately I'm not room temp IQ (unless it's on the warm side), just can't get YouTube or Instagram to stop recommending their trash to me. So I'm inundated with these terrible "Indo-Raptor's" daily.
  10. DFS

    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    Willies is the FRF Anti-Christ, the pinnacle of red necks ruining trucks for clients with shitty taste, and way too much disposable income for their IQ.
  11. DFS

    It was a short pipe-dream…

    Just don't get in a fender bender, been quotes out there as high as $41,000 to repair simple body work, same goes for batteries.
  12. DFS

    Opinion - Do you think I can put 37s with this build?

    Yes they will fit, but you will have additional wear and tear. I know a few members had steering racks fail with 37's and unresolved vibration as a result. To me, with the Gen 2, the juice isn't worth the squeeze to run 37's for purely aesthetic reasons. Not to mention, your hypothetical "jump"...
  13. DFS

    Opinion - Do you think I can put 37s with this build?

    Can you fit them aside, why do you feel you need 37's for overlanding?
  14. DFS

    Looking for a G2 SCREW, got a blue 2020

    Without proper maintenance, yes. Plus, it's just another thing that can go wrong. I've had them on a '20, '22', and '23 Raptors all problem free. Additionally, I have a few work trucks with them and they've all been problem free, maintained with Krytox PTFE based lubricant.
  15. DFS

    Assessment on current market conditions - thoughts?

    I'm pretty sure 90% of R owners on FRF paid MSRP, just ask for their dealers.
  16. DFS

    Is this gap normal?

    Does that actually matter in any way? +/- .250" or so?
  17. DFS

    RAM 1500 TRX dead after MY2024

    Yeah, my Tundra had the hybrid " Max " engine. While on paper it had more power, it made zero difference in drivability or performance vs the non hybrid version. Another layer of complexity is not what Ford needs, they need to emphasize getting what they currently offer produced "better".
  18. DFS

    Raptor R Leveling

    Yeah I'd skip the RPG collar, looks good as is. Wait until Fox Race Series come out then go that route. Sweet Raptor R!
  19. DFS

    Thoughts on the Diamondback Switchback

    Yeah, remove the gasket that seals against the tailgate. It's going to be one or the other with the design closing force of the tailgate and interference from the gasket to create a "weather tight seal".
  20. DFS

    $7/gallon in California

    I don't disagree with your sentiments at all, only thing I would like to add; I think Ford saw the prices that the secondary market was commanding for Raptor's and Raptor R, and saw so much money left on the table that they are just going after it themselves instead of letting dealers take...
  21. DFS

    New Velociraptor owner......

    Sorry for your loss. Hennessey has fooled many people.
  22. DFS

    looking for 24 raptor at msrp in california

    Please keep looking in CA, there’s enough buyers in NV we don’t need anymore CA folks competing in our markets that aren’t as broken as yours as well.
  23. DFS

    Anti-theft solutions for Raptor R

    A garage, and Ravelco when not garaged.
  24. DFS

    '23 and 24' inbound

    @Big Blue Let them have it How fortunate are we to have someone every week trying to help us out with $45,000-$60,000 over MSRP. We are truly blessed here at FRF
  25. DFS

    37 vs 35 in the flesh

    Tires alone would only make it 1" taller with 35" vs 37" ;)

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