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  1. whocares69

    Pro Clip Phone mount anyone?

    I have the same setup and love it. How did you run your cable ?
  2. whocares69

    Console Vault Thoughts?

    Yes to screw it down to the inside of the center console. It’s best way but since you have to take the bottom off the center console lid to install it works. There is enough room to stick a pistol and other stuff in it.
  3. whocares69

    Console Vault Thoughts?

    Install was easy. The only downside is I think it needs a better padding.
  4. whocares69

    Console Vault Thoughts?

    I went with this one.
  5. whocares69

    Console Vault Thoughts?

    I have a 2021 and bought the one for the 2020 and it did not fit
  6. whocares69

    Console safe

    Any news on one that fits the 2021 Raptor
  7. whocares69

    Graphics/Decals or not?

    My dealer orders them with out stickers because they say that they take them off more than the people want them. I’m still torn my Gen 3 Red Raptor doesn’t have them. I’ve often considered adding them but don’t know what the dealer would charge or even if they could get them.
  8. whocares69

    Driveshaft/Insulator Recall

    i just bought mine brand new truck and they wouldn’t let me take delivery untill it was fixed.
  9. whocares69

    Window Tint %

    Mine is a clear tint that just takes out the UV rays.
  10. whocares69

    Window Tint %

    I went with ceramic window tint to match the back and a clear on the inside of the front windshield

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