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  1. RNA352

    Best Raptor R (5.2 V8) Oil and Oil Filter

    I run Motorcraft full syn & filter. Boring I know. Maybe I'll go crazy next time and get the FP filter.
  2. RNA352

    Octane Poll

    93 always. I have to plan fillups strategically since there's no Top Tier within 30 minutes of my house.
  3. RNA352

    The Best Glass Cleaner?

    A couple years ago I bought a 5 liter container of Nextzett glass cleaner from amazon by accident - I was intending to get washer fluid. Luckily, it's hands down the best I've ever used. In conjunction with a microfiber, it just does not streak or smear, ever. Kinda pricey but a little goes a...
  4. RNA352

    Dysfunctional Oil Filter Drip Catcher

    I just stuff a bunch of pig mats up under and around the filter before loosening it. I do have a lift and I do remove the skid plate for better access.
  5. RNA352

    Worst Mods EVER

    The mods that don't make sense to me are the ones that actually decrease performance, e.g.: Cheap lift kits, as mentioned above Asymmetrical wheels (spoke count not evenly divisible by lug count)
  6. RNA352

    Should I buy or pass?

    Unless you are Dennis, you should be leery. Appreciate the effort though lol
  7. RNA352

    Are we waving? I'm waving.

    I only wave to scabs. Yes, I am an elitist.
  8. RNA352

    Installed My Ford Performance Catch Can

    I don't think its necessary to unscrew the two halves if you don't want to. I think you just pop the hoses and dump it out. Totally tool free.
  9. RNA352

    Godzilla 7.3 Swap

    I have no complaints with the EB in my Raptor, but I've gotta say the cold start rumble on my SD with the Uhaul motor gives me goosebumps. Must be the forged crank and six bolt mains...:waytogo:
  10. RNA352

    How to remove starter

    "I don't want to pry I cut up the motor mount" LOL I've been there. Often the reality of what's going on under the truck overrides the elegance of what's going on in the mind.
  11. RNA352

    Husky Liner wheel well installation.

    I probably went a little overboard - removed the wheels and popped off the flares, which allowed me to fit and trim the outboard edge of the liners perfectly. It was winter, so no sun available, but I did blast them with a salamander heater which softened them up nicely and made fitting them...
  12. RNA352

    Just the tips... How to make them blacker????

    I gave mine a ceramic treatment with Ammo Gelee Pro, which is the same stuff I use on my wheels. It darkened em up nicely and they've stayed that way.
  13. RNA352

    Wiper Blades

    This is the way I maintain my wipers too. I've never seen a need to replace the whole blade assembly. Did you get the inserts from Ford?
  14. RNA352

    2021 Raptor

    Pushrod simplicity, engineered for long term reliability, gobs of low end torque and almost certainly robust enough to produce much more - all would make the weight penalty easier to stomach. But yeah, not holding my breath either.