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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    Plus control module and stuff!

    2023 factory 37 black wheels price

    Depends if they are local or not. I would say 1800 I seen sets for 3800 with bfg37x12.50 take offs not less then 1800

    Raptor 22 order into 2023

    The dealers are inept, not all. California all! I ordered my 22 and it was changed to a 23! I still get updates! I bought mine after finding one by mistake! The 22 is a Dog compared to the TRX, but the Raptor is Beautiful

    Totally Unrelated

    I have a 22 on order and it switched to a 23! I purchased my 22 while waiting! My R is ordered and last new truck . Too much dinero

    2023 First Battle Wound - Broken Grill

    Let Insurance fix. Non chargeable missile strike .

    Are the Gen 3's an overall Quality Issue? Prior Gen 2 owner, considering bailing on order.

    Gen 3 is fantastic, who cares if you have issues with it make Ford buy it back. There is no risk. I had a few paint issues and they did a great job. I have my Raptor R coming and it will be the last new truck. Too much dinero.

    Going to Ceramic Coat Truck

    Ceramic in a Mothers Bottle 2 hours and saved 500!

    Finally happened. Truck got boosted..

    If recovered and paid off and not messed up, I’d buy back from the insurance for Salvage value and keep it and buy a new one.

    Decisions Decisions 2022 Raptor order

    I would guess you could sell for MSRP or a few 1000 under MSRP. I have a 23 on order and on the same boat, mine is a commuter and it will accumulate miles, You will alway’s take a hit. Mines a 37 and I expect 6000 off msrp with 12000 miles . Just a guess
  10. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    If you want it done , do it yourself! Great post!
  11. WKUSMC

    22' Raptor Comes Tonight!!!!

    I waited 10 days! I would not tune at all. Leave alone or go full psycho turbos and all.
  12. WKUSMC

    Console paint issue

    Thats a wear marked
  13. WKUSMC

    New Member? No! Have you met Ford Motors Customer Service?

    Ford Customer Service has been unsat, reps are working from home and no follow up on issues, I have jeep and They have been fantastic on all issues and all resolved.
  14. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    I guess your correct the paint process has improved.
  15. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Yep they said maybe more protection but the finish no way. My 911 was done by them. They weren’t going to scam me. I spent a day doing my Raptor, it had very little gritty on the paint to start with. They did the front end prior to the clear bra.
  16. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Farts, I have a 911 and have had the Ceramic coating completed. They did a test on my 22 Raptor to show the improvement and there was not much of a improvement. My silver truck always looks great. They said save my money. Im in Calif had it installed. The whole front with expel
  17. WKUSMC

    ADM closer to ending?

    I sold my 2022 and got 68999 with 44000 miles I did paid adm but it was delivered and mine was shipped 10000 adm so a good Deal got paid more and a wash
  18. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    I washed my own or I go to the car wash let them hand wash, then I put the frosting on top. My truck sleeps outside and it’s smooth as glass. I like adams VRL but Adams interior cleaner works great on the seats. On my new Rapturd no leather cleaner protector oils. I don’t like that sheen on my...
  19. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Mine wont fit in the garage mine Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray is what I use.The paint is clean and I used a clay bar. The clear bra saves the front end from the sand and dirt from pitting the front. No wax or ceramic is going to save you. I hated having chips in my hood! My 2022...
  20. WKUSMC

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    Do yourself with a clay bar first and turtle wax spray, save the pesos and get a clear bra after. I tried Adams on the interior and not bad on the pleather. No oil residue, not shiny sheen.
  21. WKUSMC

    In production for 2 months is this normal?

    Yes not coming it will be a 23 probably