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  1. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    That’s funny. I have been looking at the VINwiki special in the Element fire extinguishers. Any shops around Notcal you could recommend man? Thanks for saving my bacon. (Heh heh. Bacon.)
  2. Tommysyko

    What dealer did you order your steering rack from? Recommend them?

    What dealer did you order your steering rack from? Recommend them?
  3. Tommysyko

    Rack and pinion

    Did you find one? Did you go reman or find a new one somewhere?
  4. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Yeah. I got it all hooked in. I'm still trying to see what other features I can access to make this all worth it. But now I'm in search of a rack and pinion. It's never ending. And yes. Come out. Kids out of school and I have more damn down time!
  5. Tommysyko

    FS: Alcon Big Brake (Front Passenger Caliper and Pads Only)

    I bought this with the intent of putting together the full kit. But went a different route. Good as a spare or if you want to put together your own kit. This is the 2010-2020 kit with the black Roush logo built by Alcon. Never installed and brand new. Box opened for pictures only, not even...
  6. Tommysyko

    2021 Roush/Alcon Brake Kit Install Experience on 2020 gen 2

    Wish I saw this earlier. Bought my brackets for almost double with a crazy wait time.
  7. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Got it all hooked up. Installing chase lights later this week. Of course it pushed me to get the front LP9s I always wanted, which meant getting a bumper to mount them to… and rock lights, and air horn and fogs and R&L ditch lights etc…
  8. Tommysyko

    Prerunner bumper on supercharged truck

    Hey folks. I’m stuck and need of advice. I’ve got a 2013 raptor with a stage 2 Whipple with the larger heat exchanger and larger coolant reservoir. I picked up an evil manufacturing hellion bumper but I’m having trouble with the install. The coolant reservoir is too large for the rake in the...
  9. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    I’m going back and forth about if I should do the same. But I want to put all the switches I have connected onto my Switchpro so I have all the Bluetooth capabilities as well as strobe etc.
  10. Tommysyko

    AG 37” in CA

    Congrats. The Xpel will be well worth it
  11. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Will that be for another vehicle? Any reason you didn't go with the RCR-12?
  12. Tommysyko

    GEN 1 Method NV 305 and BBK question

    PM'ing you for my kit as well. Going to an Alcon kit with my Method 308s.
  13. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Think I'll do the same this week. I like the diagram. Especially mapping it out will help in case there are any connection failures.
  14. Tommysyko

    SPOD Bantam X Vs SwitchPro 9100

    @Nex Above has wiring for some possible lighting triggers
  15. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Copy that. But are you doing the direct swithpro wiring to your lights or are you getting the terminal box in between that one (like the Toyota guys).
  16. Tommysyko

    LVJ Relay Panel Installed!

    This video is so in depth and explained in layman's terms. Thank you.
  17. Tommysyko

    Switch Pro Set Up

    Following. Doing the same on my Gen 1. Did you go with the direct wire to swtichpro install or the fuse box in between?
  18. Tommysyko

    High Mileage 2013 Terrain Whipple Raptor - Headers & SC Generation?

    I’ve got an older SCT that I had to replace when I got my supercharger. I no longer have use for it because my tunes came on the new tuner. I was going to put it up for $250. I can send it to you for $200 plus shipping if you’d like.
  19. Tommysyko

    Pay It Forward Thread

    I just ordered one but I’d be happy to have a spare!
  20. Tommysyko

    Baja Designs XL80 (Pair)

    Trying to catch up
  21. Tommysyko

    Baja Designs XL80 (Pair)

    Sold! Can't wait to get these mounted!
  22. Tommysyko

    Rear suspension squeak

    Wish I could see the video to see if its the same. I'm gonna try the pressure washer and re lube everything on the leafs, shocks and shackles.
  23. Tommysyko

    Where to get this jack extender thingamajig?

    You could just grab one of these for $299
  24. Tommysyko

    High Mileage 2013 Terrain Whipple Raptor - Headers & SC Generation?

    Another set of clues is the throttle body on my gen 3 is black. I believe the stage 1 was gray/silver. Also the Stage 2 pulley is 3.250 while the stage 1 was a 3.5 I think. Also the coolant fill was on the passenger side right next to the oil dipstick.