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    Has anyone received a build date in the last week or two? 1/10-1/24/2022

    I also ordered in June and had to reorder in Mid Oct. Still nothing, but the dealer said my order changed to priority code 1. Not sure what difference that’s going to make at this point.
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    2022 Order Banks

    Just checked order banks on Ford website and still reflects 21MY. I am in the same situation. Dealer told me I had allocation for 21MY and nothing. Now promises me his first 22MY allocation. On and on it goes.
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    2021 Ford Raptor with 37 package built 8/19- delivery ETA 9/27

    I put in my Raptor order in June and I still don’t have a vin# and dealer is not giving me real updates. Wondering what the production status is. Anyone have a update?
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    2021 Gen3 Raptor production delays were previously announced.

    Does anyone have a production update for the 21 Raptor. I placed my order in June and here we are September 17th and the order hasn’t moved. Still no vin# and no answers from dealer.