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    Reviews Starting to Come In...

    They had an event near Reno. No sand, but a loose rock crawl plus a dirt track with a large tabletop to jump.
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    Seat covers

    You should see it with all three car seats in!
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    New: Baja Designs 7 XL Linkable Gen2 Raptor Kit Now Available

    Out of curiosity, why would one choose this over a 40" Onx6 for the same price with almost twice the lumens (other than price and ability to adjust angles)? Presumably one could use the SPP 40" no drill or another bracket to mount the BD light bar. Will there be a linkable XL Pro, XL Racer or...
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    New ADD honey badger rear bumper 10” light - or RPG rear motion - SoCal

    Any pictures of the RPG installed? The one on the post looks like one of RPG's images if I'm not mistaken.
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    Seat covers

    Here you go. My only issue is the armrest not folding well but that seems to be a typical F150 problem exacerbated by covering the armrest.
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    Seat covers

    I have the Coverking nylon covers which fit well and took more like 2 weeks to get.
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    Truck Bed Covers

    I've been pretty happy with my Pace Edwards Ultragroove. The canister does, of course, take up some space at the front, but there's still plenty of space underneath it. It's been fairly water resistant and one can open/close the tailgate without moving the cover. Also, unlike the others where...
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    Eibach Pro-lift springs installed with pics and comments

    I've probably read about 30 of the 66 pages so forgive me if this is in the thread somewhere, but if you go Eibachs and keep the rear leafs stock, does the overall cab height increase and if so how much? I read somewhere that raising the front doesn't increase overall height but looking for...
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    One Touch feature to Open/Close Rear Windows

    BTW, Expeditions also have keyless entry on all four doors, not just the fronts.
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    One Touch feature to Open/Close Rear Windows

    Have a rental 2019 Expedition and all four windows have one touch up/down. I wonder if just replacing the F150 switch with an Expedition switch (they look to be the same size, but I haven't measured) would do the trick?
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    GEN 2 Seat Belt Buckle Question - Kids

    Buy these (I got them in black) or another seat belt buckle holder, then cut out some of the rubber to fit the giant seat belt receptacle we have. Works great for us. Only issue is you...
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    2 tire rack

    It looks like your bed rack also ties to the bedsides near the tailgate opening, no? Or will those not be bolted in/are they aluminum/not an issue because the weight of the wheels is on the frame not the bed? No dog in this one, just intrigued.
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    2 tire rack

    Think you're describing the Forged Offroad rack.
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    Help With Finding Aftermarket Rear Bumper

    How about the SVC rear bumper? That seems to fit what you're looking for. Wonder if you could integrate the backup sensors into the SVC rear bumper.
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    Venomrex 602 17" Wheel Sale - Buy 3 Get 1 Free!!!!

    So, no. (Spent $1,150 on them when they came out so a bit jealous of pricing now!)
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    Venomrex 602 17" Wheel Sale - Buy 3 Get 1 Free!!!!

    Any sale if we just need one for a spare? I already have four.
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    GEN 2 Overland Style Raptor

    Thanks. Have the same bed cover. Make sure to check your drain tubes up front semi-frequently - mine were all sludged up and the canister full of water recently! My height issue is the spot I back into at work has HVAC ducting that might be a bit low with the longer legs.
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    GEN 2 Overland Style Raptor

    Strongly considering going with this same set up on the rack (maybe with lower legs if they have them). All direct from Front Runner? Or was there a better deal elsewhere?
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    Offroad Alliance Fog Light Kits

    I have the Pro kit from Baja (so S2 rather than the KC light) with one set Squadron Pro in Spot and one set in Driving Combo. S2s and Spots have yellow/amber covers. The Pros are on one switch and the S2s on another. Hopefully this helps a bit.
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    Best Seat covers

    I have the Coverking Cordura Ballistic seat covers in the back of my SCREW and I am able to raise/lower the seats (separate pieces for the back and bottom).
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    Iphone Mount Options

    I did a Proclip, but used a Qi charger on it.
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    GEN 2 2019 Ford Performace Blue Raptor is coming ... need advice on ....

    I think there’s more contrast than pics pick up, but if you have black wheels already I’m sure you know what it looks like! A little brake dust/dirt makes them stand out more.