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  1. JBdoingJBstuff

    The Best Glass Cleaner?

    Seconded! Scheibenklar is badass stuff
  2. JBdoingJBstuff

    A/C issues

    Lots of similar complaints on the F150Gen14 forum as well regarding this. As mentioned, some have had the evap replaced which requires the dash to come out. Someone even posted a video of that being performed by the dealer. That sucks. But yeah, sounds like it has not been a permanent fix.
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    Just the tips... How to make them blacker????

    Pics of my exhaust tips from my 22 Raptor with about 2500 miles on it. Tips are ugly. I like em black, like they were when new. Obviously vehicle is dirty here, but even when cleaned, they are much duller when compared to new. Is this normal or a warranty issue? Any home fixes?
  4. JBdoingJBstuff

    Panel gap issue

    Normal. On a truck I expect this. That said, lots of S550 Mustang owners have similar complaints where the taillights meet the bumper. I have heard success stories of warranty fixes, but Im not sure I would let someone mess around with these issues.
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    Nailed my mailbox

    The Ford dealership I purchased from has an attached body shop and they did a great job. The part was on backorder for about 2 weeks, but once they got it, they were able to swap while in waited, took maybe about 20 minutes. Price stung a bit, but I wanted it to be done right. Live and learn!
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    Nailed my mailbox

    Did the exact same thing three months ago. Although it was an ID reader while heading into the parking deck at work. Got multiple estimates. Most were in the 700-750 range for the part and another 100 or so for the install if you dont want to do yourself. If I remember, there is a mounting...
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    Differences from '18 to '23?

    Leaf springs going to coils makes a huge difference for road manners
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    How to protect blue suede seats?

    Amazon Their wheel cleaner is one of my faves too
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    Creaking Center Console/Armrest

    I live in Michigan. Baghdad has better roads.
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    Creaking Center Console/Armrest

    Hello all. I have had my 22 Raptor for about 2 months. It has about 1300 miles on it and loving every minute of the truck. Unfortunately, I have isolated a creak which is fairly constant to the center console cover/armrest. It occurs most of the time, but worse on bumpy roads. If i open the...
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    Are we waving? I'm waving.

    Lots of Raptors around me, and waves most of the time. But, part of it could be living in the outskirts of town in the midwest.
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    How much should this repair cost? Banged up fender

    Perhaps. I could do it. But why waste 2+ hours of my time and the frustration? I pay them 100 to install and leave with peace of mind if there are finish issues, they take care of me. There are some complaints out there of peeling even with factory fenders. My time is worth too much!
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    How much should this repair cost? Banged up fender

    I can get one when I get the paperwork back. All told, that includes sales tax, labor, shop fees, clips, etc. That is pretty much in line with what I have seen on other forums, most guys stating they have seen them around 600 to 650. All the previous threads showed that there was a long wait for...
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    How much should this repair cost? Banged up fender

    Well. Took it to a few local Ford dealer body shops. I live in metro Detroit so they are everywhere. There are 4 within 10 miles of me. The fender is about 700-750. Another 50 for the install. I decided to let them install since I will get their full warranty. The shop I decided to go with will...
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    How much should this repair cost? Banged up fender

    So my Raptor had a battle with the key card reader at my work's parking deck. The Raptor won, but came out a bit scratched up. See pics. This is the rear driver side fender. Thankfully damage to the body panel looks to be nil, but there is a small scratch down to the metal it appears. Hopefully...
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    Interior Floor Mats

    I got some licensed mats for my GT350R with the cobra embroidered on them. Check out Lloyd Mats. Really nice quality.
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    Carpet floor mats

    Did your 2022 Raptor come with carpet floor mats? Mine only came with the rubber all weather type. My salesman swears that they don’t come with carpet floor mats.
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    Exhausted But Committed

    I’m not sure why the dealers are chastised for marking up the sale? If someone (ie a secondary dealer or someone just interested in flipping for a profit) gets an R for MSRP, they in turn will take advantage of the market and do just that, flip it. Then they make the money, not the dealer. Take...
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    Thinking of changing color on my order from OW to CO

    Bringing up an old thread as I didn’t feel it was worthy starting a new one. Those with CO, does it swirl easily? Too lazy to wash by hand with mitts and two buckets. I plan on taking it to a nicer auto wash near my house. My previous OW did well.
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    B&O Headliner Speakers

    Truck is a day old. But this is my only compliant so far. No front passenger yet to get a review there, but I did notice the driver side crackled with a few songs while streaming Pandora with wireless CarPlay. Worse at higher volumes. Will play around with other sources and sound settings and...
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    Cheap and quick cubby light

    Nice. Was just noticing how dark it was in there. Ordered one!