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    Oil Drain access panel

    I did my own oil change last night and found I am missing an oil drain access panel bolt. Does anyone here have the part number for it. The numbers above appear to belong to the u nuts only. Thanks
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    Gen 2 metallic rattle/grinding

    FL3Z-3A788-B Tube Assembly Heres the part number of the vacuum tube check valve if that’s the issue. Mine was replaced by dealer. I later bought 2 so I can have keep a back ups. It’s about 7 bucks.
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    abs engaging randomly

    It’s not that check valve issue intermittently causing you to switch between 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive?
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    New owner in Charleston SC

    I am local to you. PM me if you want to borrow my forscan tool.
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    Sharing with my forum bros. Just had these two TSB's done.

    FL3Z-3A788-B Tube Assembly Showed dealer this and they replaced part. Noise stopped. Cobb tune installed about 2 months ago. Anyone experience this correlation? Could just be wear on this part too, I guess. 22k miles.
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    Anyone Running the Uniden R7 Yet? I used vortex’s general settings and my r7 has quieted down. I upgraded from the r3 for upcoming gps autolock out and the arrows. Hope this helps.
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    COBB tuning Raptor tune

    I flashed my ECU today with the 91 octane map. Powers delivery feel seem much smoother. I had the same benefit with my 2015 Wrx-which is why I went with Cobb again. I think it was well worth it for this alone. I only have the stage 1 package. I’m not sure how what performance I am missing...
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    Any issue with factory stowable ramps and Retrax Powerpro MX?

    Mine did not fit. The canister up front takes up too much room. I’ve never used my ramps. I put these in instead.
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    GEN 2 low profile boxlink mounts available?

    I have a powertrax mx pro. I installed the boxlinks after the cover was installed. The two closest to the cab are a tight fit, but they work. You can only really access the one the the hook holes on the box links closest to the can with everything installed. Everything seemed to work fine...
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    New sticky please GEN2 owners pics

    Just got it detailed today
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    GEN 2 Transmission Light @600 miles. Yayy!

    I had the same issue around 1600 miles. FordPass said awd transmission fault and engine misfires but service center found wastegate actuator at fault. Dropped truck off Friday noon, fixed By Wednesday afternoon. So far no issues post fix. Service manager was really easy to talk to and updated...
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    How many miles so far?

    1700 miles here. I also had a wastegate actuator that got stuck. It was replaced 3 days ago. I got a wrench light followed by a check engine light. Service department got it fixed in about 2 and a half days. Service note read that the actuator was binding.
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    Forscan changes - tweak your truck

    Hi Liv, thanks for your spreadsheet. I've been able to get everything I want working except the reverse tilt mirrors to work. The left or right mirror will tilt backwards when the left or right mirror are selected and the truck is put in reverse. They don't appear to be able to tilt...