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    Achieved 17.4 MPH today on 2.5 hour trip through mountains

    When I check my fuel mileage the old way, miles driven/gallons of fuel. It is always about one mpg lower than what the computer read-out states. Any one else check their mileage that way?
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    GEN 2 Baja Designs SAE Compliant Replacement Lens

    How does one go about getting these new replacement lens? Are they free of charge to those of us that bought the SAE light under the assumption that they were street legal?
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    Test drive not allowed

    I'm from Idaho and last November went to look at a Raptor. The salesman asked if I had driven one I hadn't so as he was going to get one on the display ramp a transport pulled in with a white 2018 Raptor. As soon as it was off the truck we took it for a spin, off road and up the hills. He said...
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    Short antenna

    I just did what Seven did but instead of buying a duplicate antenna I used the stock antenna. I cut about 5" off so it quit hitting my garage door. No noticeable loss of reception. You do have to enlarge the hole in the ball after you remove it so you can get the spiral wound wire back in the...