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  1. Bituman

    Question About Some Lights Activating When I Approach Truck

    Okay, dumb question of the day. 1000 miles in and I still haven’t figured this out. When the truck is parked in the garage for a while, say an hour or so, parking and other lights (not headlights) come on when I walk into the garage with the key fob. When it’s been parked a lot longer, say a...
  2. Bituman

    Raptor Assault without Torsen

    Interesting, that’s opposite my experience when I did the Bronco Off Rodeo in 2021. The instructors there were Ford Performance employees. The instructor for my group actually had spent some time at Tooele. He was fantastic and knew all about off road driving. It was a great experience that...
  3. Bituman

    Is Full PPF Worth it?

    I hope it’s worth it. I had xpel ultimate (10 mil) plus ceramic on entire truck. I’ve had this bucket list trip for several years to drive the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, basically a 500-mile gravel road from Fairbanks. I‘ve watched a few videos of that trip and it looks like rock chips on...
  4. Bituman

    Husky Liner wheel well installation.

    As others have said, this is the right answer. It was a bit awkward to get the liner tucked in. I used a plastic bicycle tire lever to help get the liner tucked in properly. One thing that confuses a lot of people is that there is a video where some guy mentions drilling holes for the screws...
  5. Bituman

    Driver door won’t unlock

    Thank you for your response. Actually my truck sits a lot too so that would be a real possibility if not for the fact that the passenger side works okay. I’ve decided to not worry about it for now and just bring it up with the dealer the first time it goes in for routine service. But I really...
  6. Bituman

    Raptor Assault ...

    I’m giving RA a hard look. I did the Bronco Off Rodeo, which is a similar event. It was fun and I learned quite a bit.
  7. Bituman

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Wife out of town so gave me some quiet time to bolt on some stuff. Installed Husky wheel well liners, Impact Bed Rug on top of Inyati bed liner, and black lug nuts. Pretty common upgrades and well worth it. Next???
  8. Bituman

    Driver door won’t unlock

    Ugh, just realized this post was in the Gen 2 forums. Anyway, hope one of you Gen 2 folks have an idea. I’ll try the Gen 3 forum later.
  9. Bituman

    Driver door won’t unlock

    Resurrecting this old thread. TXAggie (or anyone else) did you ever figure this out. I am having the same problem except it’s the driver’s side door handle that doesn’t unlock or lock the truck. Passenger side works fine. This is a 2023 Raptor with fewer than 300 miles, i.e., brand new 2...
  10. Bituman

    California ESP - Extended warranty

    Anybody have any experience with MPP extended warranties? It’s sold by dealers that are part of the Berkshire Hathaway group.
  11. Bituman

    One Less Prius

    Truth be told, my other choice besides the Raptor was an F-150 (Lariat or Platinum) with Powerboost. I guess that’s the Prius of pickups. I’m surprised Ford doesn’t get more hype about that truck.
  12. Bituman

    Oxford White Stealth PPF Progress and final photos

    Likewise I’m in Phoenix and interested knowing the shop you used. Thanks!
  13. Bituman

    One Less Prius

    Ha, thanks, will do. Tire shine definitely takes seconds off when headed to grocery store!
  14. Bituman

    One Less Prius

    Oops…here’s the crappy photo.
  15. Bituman

    One Less Prius

    Sorry about the crappy garage photo. Pulled into garage to prove (I hope!) that my wife’s car can fit at the same time. For you folks had to prove not a Prius. New 2023. Purchased today from dealer in Phoenix. Rapid red metallic, moonroof/tailgate package, etc. Been shopping for a Raptor...
  16. Bituman

    Code Orange Raptor available in GA

    Banning someone for posting these types of threads is never good. It’s like censorship, which never works. As of right now when I pulled up this thread, there are 713 people that know Krause Family Ford is not someone you want to deal with. What’s wrong with that info getting out?
  17. Bituman

    2022 Raptor blew up - 133 miles

    When I read this post, my mental picture is one of the old Wild and Crazy Guys skits with Dan Akyroyd and Steve Martin on SNL. “…don’t hold it against me it’s a very friendly conversation.” Ha ha…
  18. Bituman

    22 Raptor Finally arrived

    Spectacular looking truck! I did one of the Bronco Off Rodeo events outside Las Vegas. One of the Broncos in our group was AMB. It is such a great color. Changes depending on conditions.
  19. Bituman

    Finally After 8+ Months of Waiting

    Spectacular truck OP, congrats!
  20. Bituman

    Soon to be Raptor Owner

    March 2021.
  21. Bituman

    Soon to be Raptor Owner

    Look on Raptor build and price site. Two packages listed: “Raptor Standard” and “Raptor High.” Consulting my DORA, also known as “Equipment 801A.”
  22. Bituman

    Soon to be Raptor Owner

    Don’t know for sure. But I suspect the geometry of the 3G frame not designed to hold the battery. Also, the battery is very heavy and would add a lot of weight to the Raptor. I would think it would require significant change to the suspension. Powerboosting a Raptor would be a pretty major...
  23. Bituman

    Soon to be Raptor Owner

    I guess I’m a ”prospective owner” since in the process of buying a ‘22 Raptor. Vital statistics: 35“ Code Orange, High package, pro power, beadlock capable wheels. Oh yeah, the moon roof/tailgate package. Bugs me that I have to get a moon roof to get the tailgate step. If Ford sticks to...