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  1. J

    SPD Trombone Exhaust, New never installed.

    If still available I’ll call next in line
  2. J

    FS: Gen 2 - DSC Sport - REDUCED! (OC, CA)

    3rd in line for trombone
  3. J

    Pro Eagle Kratos *New*

    I’m interested if you ever make your way up to Dallas.
  4. J

    WTB - Deaver +2/3, Geiser springs, SPD Trombone - NTX

    What’s up FRF! Looking to upgrade a couple pieces on my gen 2 and wanted to see if there were any used floating around before I buy new. Looking for: SPD Trombone pipe Deaver +2 or +3 - not the HD spring rate Geiser Springs for gen 2 3.0s I’m located in Dallas and willing to drive 3...
  5. J

    Gen 1 to Gen 2

    Thanks y’all! The tech upgrade alone is pretty substantial and really welcomed. No more instantly sweating the second I get in to a black track with black leather in the Texas summers thanks to remote start haha! It actually came with the 10” BD bar so it was a nice little bonus! So far I’m...
  6. J

    Gen 1 to Gen 2

    What’s up FRF! Been a member for a long time now, since the OG meme war days. Haven’t been to active the past couple of years but I recently sold my ‘10 6.2 Gen 1 and upgraded to a ‘20. If I had it my way I would have kept both but the financially responsible adult in me knew that I didn’t need...
  7. J

    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    Will be looking in to getting one soon. I had a fuel pump kill switch on my Gen 1 that worked perfectly for 10+ years. Debating Ravelco, or have another similar fuel pump kill switch set up. Does the ravelco secure pretty well when plugged in? Biggest fear is it falling out and killing the...
  8. J

    Market Definitely Changed

    Basically all dealerships in or around DFW are still asking over sticker. Town east Ford still has an ADM of $12k.
  9. J

    Raptor Retrofit Gen 1 Headlight (Drivers side only)
  10. J

    2010 Gen 1 6.2 for sale

    Hey y’all, Sharing a link to my posting on Craigslist for my gen 1 6.2L. Feel free to message with any questions. Thanks!
  11. J

    WTB: RH side headlight / Catalytic

    I have some gen 1 lights. 1 pair of oem halogens and 1 pair of oem hids (the drivers side needs a new projector, passenger side fully functional) and 1 (raptor retrofit HID with white running lights and ring) Got backed in to and cracked the headlights insurance covered replacements hence why I...
  12. J

    WTB Gen 1 Shocks

    Like all the other WTB threads I am also looking for a complete set of Gen 1 shocks in decent shape. Preferably in the DFW / N Texas area. Looking to sell the truck soon so don’t wanna shell out for brand new set and anything is better than what is on the truck currently. Thank you!
  13. J

    FREE Gen 1 ADD Honeybadger Bumper and Side Steps FREE

    #3 in line for shocks. In Dallas so can pick up if needed.
  14. J

    Gen 1 SCrew Corsa Extreme 14760 Stainless Exhaust

    would you consider splitting the kit up? I really only need the muffler and the exhaust tips since I have a scab. I have seen a couple guys who sell the resonator delete pipe separately to guys that are looking to upgrade from the normal corsa.
  15. J

    **OFFICIAL King 3.0 Shocks group buy INTEREST POST**

    Sorry guys, guess I should have been a little bit more clear. I am not a vendor, i just coordinated with a very well known FRF vendor after they reached out about hosting the group buy if I just organized the people. These are the prices and available options they were able to get. If you...
  16. J

    **OFFICIAL King 3.0 Shocks group buy INTEREST POST**

    **OFFICIAL King 3.0 Shocks group buy INTEREST POST** Alright guys, so lately it seems like a lot of people have been interested in either upgrading their OEM 2.5 shocks to aftermarket 3.0 shocks. I've been in talks with some peeps that would be wiling to broker the deal. Im starting this...
  17. J

    Sold Raptor - Items for Sale

    Do you have any pictures of the rack installed? I can't find any pictures of that rack online
  18. J

    Project THOR 2017 Raptor Build by RaptorCoastie

    Awesome! Definitely going to look into that window film.
  19. J

    OEM HIDs

    Sent you a pm
  20. J

    GARAGE SALE - Many Items

    Pm sent about light covers