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    Burger Tuning JB4 for 2023 Gen 3

    I have one, currently (uninstalled) from my raptor due to what appears to be some sort of sluggish effect that happens from standing launches doesn't happen 100% of the time. But I had the same issue with the same Jb4 unit in my bronco. I sold the bronco took the unit off and put it on my...
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    2021 Raptor 35" Tires & Beadlock

    Raptor 35 package beadlock wheels, only 2,000 miles with TPMS sensors, will fit f150's with leveling/lift kits, expeditions, or raptors. 1900$ Los Angeles, CA
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    Gen2 Boatec Fenders and Bedsides.

    Feel free to text me 818 968 1672
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    Gen2 Boatec Fenders and Bedsides.

    Hey I might actually be interested in your control arms & rims, I could pick them all up but I'd like to know what parts you have exactly. CV axles? Tie rods? Or just arms? And if you're willing to split off the arms from the rest of the suspension.
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    Gen2 Boatec Fenders and Bedsides.

    6 pieces? front/rear fenders, and what are the other 2 pieces? Headlight shroud?
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    2018 Raptor factory frt bumper & parts - FREE

    Thanks again for giving me dibs on that bumper, appreciate it.
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    2018 Raptor factory frt bumper & parts - FREE

    I can pick them up tomorrow if you'll allow that. Thanks -Zach
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    Wtb gen2 headlights

    Cory, sorry to hijack but I'm currently in the process of trying to convert my 2018 f150 into a raptor, but did you find a valance that works with the headlights? Thanks brother