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  1. eclou

    Sunroof broke this morning

    replaced my rails with the new E revision parts. Sunroof dead quiet now but the entire mechanism seems janky regardless.
  2. eclou

    Battery voltage reading 9.0-10.0v at idle - new battery?

    OK did the BMS procedure and now the voltages sits around 13.0 volts. Much better
  3. eclou

    Battery voltage reading 9.0-10.0v at idle - new battery?

    The truck was bought new I am the original owner and installed all the crap myself. Yes the front lights all have have relays wired to the factory upfitter switches. Factory battery lasted 2 years. Second battery only lasted 14 months but I live in hot Houston weather. Reset the battery...
  4. eclou

    Battery voltage reading 9.0-10.0v at idle - new battery?

    I have a 2018 80k miles, MPT 93PRX tune, 3 accessory terminals used for lights all grounded to battery. Just changed batteries a month ago, last battery lasted only 14 months. No stereo mods. Tried to flash a tune using the NGage and the tuner said voltage too low. I set the gauge to read...
  5. eclou

    2018 with PRX93 tune engine stuttering at altitude

    Happy to say I flashed the truck back to the 91PRX tune on my way back to Texas and all of the shuddering is gone. Runs smooth as silk with no issues. Proper Octane is no joking matter!!! Ambient temps for the issues were around 30F at 7000-10000 FT elevation, and coolant temps were 220-230 F
  6. eclou

    2018 with PRX93 tune engine stuttering at altitude

    I have a 2018 with PRX93 tune, 80k miles, had cam phasers done x2. Just replaced the vacuum hoses and check valve for the front hub engagement. Newer motorsports plugs in the last 5k miles. Driving up to Colorado from Houston started getting some stuttering from the engine on medium throttle at...
  7. eclou

    GEN 2 2017 37k miles VCT solenoids?

    I just had mine done on an 18 with 46k miles. Tech finished the job in just 3 working days. Parts list did not include a new timing chain.
  8. eclou

    Dealers selling 2020's at invoice

    Talked to the GM at Joe Myers Ford in Houston, sent him the discount links here and he said they could do $6400 off sticker
  9. eclou

    Cam Phaser/Engine Failure Reports

    Anyone here get their cam phasers fixed at Joe Myers or Mac Haik in Houston TX?
  10. eclou

    Panoramic roof noise

    just recleaned mine again, this time using engine degreaser to really get the caked on crud off the rubber seals. Also ran a cloth with a credit card all the way around the rear stationary panel to clean that as well. Lastly put a medium coat of Gummi Pflege on the seals. Dead quiet for now...
  11. eclou

    Black oak 10” light bar

    spot, flood, or combo?
  12. eclou

    Sync 3 update

    I spent hours doing this today. Hours. 2018, Sync 3.0 v 17xxx. Downloaded from Owner.Ford could not successfully unzip file with Stuffit on a Mac - repeated unknown compression error. Tried manually unzipping with Archive Utility - could do so but files in wrong format. Tried Russian hacker...
  13. eclou

    MPT Tune Version 4

    No loud knocking, no replacement so far at 44k miles
  14. eclou

    MPT Tune Version 4

    Got a quirk that has developed. '18 with PRX93 tune 40k miles, ran SP542 plugs now the second set of plugs is the superceded 542/578. In the past I got an occasional CEL P00018 cam position error and the truck would idle rough and lose power - like a limp home mode. It has gotten more frequent...
  15. eclou

    GEN 2 Pano sunroof rattle - possible fix???

    Gummipfledg worked well for me. White lithium did not
  16. eclou

    Is the panoramic roof just asking for trouble?

    Mine started rattling like 2 guinea pigs having marathon sex. Cleaning and lubing the edges with Gummipflege did the trick
  17. eclou

    Wrecked 2017 - Totaled

    I have been told "totalling" nowadays means the repair is north of 70% of the estimated value. Unless the frame rail is bent I think thats rebuildable
  18. eclou

    Driver window rattle (2017 Gen 2)

    are you certain its not the panoroof?
  19. eclou

    GEN 2 NEW: 17” Vorsteiner Venom Rex Flow Forged Wheels

    Nick where do we get the black V stickers for the center caps?
  20. eclou

    GEN 2 NEW: 17” Vorsteiner Venom Rex Flow Forged Wheels

    17" wheels. At less than $900 delivered for a set its a ridiculously cheap upgrade for taking 40# unsprung rotating weight off the truck. I was used to spending couple grand per corner to save 10# unsprung rotating weight off a Porsche
  21. eclou

    GEN 2 NEW: 17” Vorsteiner Venom Rex Flow Forged Wheels

    Got mine mounted. Quick shipping by Apollo - thanks!! Nice offset gives the truck an even more aggressive stance without looking too Brodozerish. The significant rotating weight reduction can be felt both accelerating and braking. Truck definitely has picked up a hint of acceleration. Very...