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  1. Tin Can Rap

    Service Engine Message - Rough Idle

    Happened to my 2023 day I bought it; drove about 30 mins parked to eat, remote started and noticed the rough idle. Shut off, seated all fuses properly, restarted and drove home. Has never happened since (fingers crossed). Had a 2022 for 6 months, never happened...
  2. Tin Can Rap

    Exhaust modification...

    The valves are staying; I am removing the oem muffler in lue of a straight pipes similar to what the Magnaflow system does minus the 4k price tag. My guy will be around $400 bucks.
  3. Tin Can Rap

    Exhaust modification...

    Pressing the full open button isn't my problem; full open isn't loud enough for me in the oem system.
  4. Tin Can Rap

    Exhaust modification...

    Call me crazy, but I liked the sound of my Corsa extreme on my gen2 better than the oem gen3 exhaust (even in baja mode). It's just not loud enough for me unless I'm bouncing off the rev limiter constantly. I can't believe the lack of aftermarket exhaust support (I guess they are all scared of...
  5. Tin Can Rap

    Suspension is a bit unsettled

    What tire pressure you running?
  6. Tin Can Rap

    Reputable Cincinnati Shops

    I'm not sure if you consider Cleveland in the "area", but I have heard good things about Neo Garage. I am south of Pittsburgh and would make the trip up for any work I couldn't do myself on my truck.
  7. Tin Can Rap

    2023 First Battle Wound - Broken Grill

    There was more than just the grille broken; it was my gen 2 so a part number won't help you. The grille for my 2020 retail was $1200, plus it broke all the active shutters behind the grille, scratched the hell out of the bumper/front facia piece.
  8. Tin Can Rap

    2023 First Battle Wound - Broken Grill

    I know your pain; I fed a hawk to my gen2 at about 70 mph and did $2300 worth of damage to my truck/grille. I went the insurance route as I have a zero deductible for “acts of god”. I had my buddy who owns an auto body shop order the new grille and I put it on myself. Not terrible but tedious...
  9. Tin Can Rap

    Storage under rear seat?

    I did see that now PARTITIONED LOCKABLE STORAGE 215.00 is an option on the MY23 trucks that also requires pro power onboard; maybe that change means that if you did not check those boxes you get nothing in terms of rear underseat storage. I will never understand Ford's option logic.
  10. Tin Can Rap

    Storage under rear seat?

    Very interesting, my ‘22 800a truck looks like that, but with this plastic piece where yours is missing. But seeing how the 800a package is no more for MY23; something is afoot.
  11. Tin Can Rap

    2022 Gen 3 Take off Wheels

  12. Tin Can Rap

    2022 Gen 3 Take off Wheels

  13. Tin Can Rap

    Adding Homelink 800A

    Just confirming that any of you other low life's out there, 800a peasants like myself, you can easily add the homelink garage door opener from the almighty 801a trucks. It is a little pricey, but honestly was the only feature that I was missing from my 2020 802a truck. Ordered from Fairway ford...
  14. Tin Can Rap

    OFFICIAL Agate Black Picture Thread

    Back in a Raptor; cashing out on my 2020 was a smart financial decision but damn it hurt. Not custom ordered, lowly 800a, but I paid MSRP and there are not too many options I am missing from my 802a Gen2 that I truly miss. Mods: Vemomrex 602s, Rigid Triple Fogs and SS Ditch lights (SPV...
  15. Tin Can Rap

    2022 Gen 3 Take off Wheels

  16. Tin Can Rap

    Broken tie rods Look familiar? I sure hope they play the video for the unsuspecting sucker that wants to buy it.
  17. Tin Can Rap

    Holiday Greetings

    My wheels are coal black; maybe someone is trying to tell me something…
  18. Tin Can Rap

    2022 Gen 3 Take off Wheels

    Southwest corner; 15357
  19. Tin Can Rap

    2022 Gen 3 Take off Wheels

    Selling take off oem wheels from my Gen3; will update post with pictures. Wheels are the standard alloy wheels from a 35" tire truck. Sale includes all 5 wheels and lug nuts, but no TPMS sensors as they were transfered to my new wheels. Wheels were removed after driving home from the dealership...
  20. Tin Can Rap

    Over 30 days and still not shipped is this normal?

    I found a '22 in stock at MSRP at a dealer 7 hours away; I canceled the deposit I had on an inbound '22 and picked up my Raptor the day before Thanksgiving. I couldn't take the waiting anymore (since August), on top of intrest rates rising and my trade depreciating. Hang in there OP or start...
  21. Tin Can Rap

    Over 30 days and still not shipped is this normal?

    Count me in, unfortnately, built 10/3 still not shipped. ETA keeps getting pushed, it is not slated for 11/3; I'm not holding my breath. The plant is 324 miles and about 5 hours from my dealership; convoy on the window sticker.
  22. Tin Can Rap

    How long is shipping to dealership?

    My eta has been pushed so many times I lost count; built 10/3... my dealer is 5 hours from the plant.
  23. Tin Can Rap

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    My '22 was ordered 08/04/2022, in production 10/02 and built 10/03; still waiting on shipping...
  24. Tin Can Rap

    best I have found is 5k over MSRp

    I spent two weeks stalking the inventory search on; made about 30 phone calls and landed one at msrp. It’s possible but it does take some leg work. The dealer is suspecting my truck, that was dealer ordered, to be in next week!

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