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  1. Uf28denied

    HELP FINDING FACTORY GRAPHICS!!!!!! I bought mine from this guy!! Great dude and they have markings to line up the graphics! They are original factory graphics!
  2. Uf28denied


    Tha **** you talkin about?? Moron!
  3. Uf28denied

    35 pack bedside graphics part numbers

    Did you ever find these graphics? I can’t find any online!
  4. Uf28denied


    Do you think I don’t know how to search for something?? Thanks for all your help!! *******!!
  5. Uf28denied


    Can anyone find the factory 35 graphics or part numbers?? I’m looking at picking them up for my new 23 antimatter blue!! My 19 I didn’t like the graphics but I do like the new ones!!! Thanks all!!!
  6. Uf28denied

    Wastegate noise 2019. What is the fix?

    I had this annoying rattle on low speed, and when coming off the gas coming to a stop! It sounded like a loose heat shield ! This spring trick works 100% !! After 4 friggin years i finally got rid of it!! Lol Used spring 543183
  7. Uf28denied

    Swaybar endlinks toast

    Just had mine done ! im sure these New York potholes are just as bad as Ontario!
  8. Uf28denied

    450 horse/550 ft/lbs torque???????

    in the beginning of the video the guy asks how much power!! other dude says 450/550!!! do you think hes wrong or did he slip??
  9. Uf28denied

    ICON Rebound

    What’s the backspacing you guys are using ? Or is it all the same? And is anyone rubbing?
  10. Uf28denied

    2019 Support is Finally Available!

    Is it worth getting now? Will the trans tune be included with the tuner or is it extra?
  11. Uf28denied

    2019 Support is Finally Available!

    Any discount on the Cobb packages??
  12. Uf28denied


    Thanks for your input! Nice to see someone who can answer without being a jaggoff !!
  13. Uf28denied


    No champ! I don’t expect an additive to fix engine problems!! But if you never used the shit or have even heard of it is it possible that it just might prevent carbon build up on the valves like so many people complain of about Ecoboost motors?? Does it hurt to do something as a preventative...
  14. Uf28denied


    I appreciate all the responses from the scientists and engine experts that live on the forum!!! The simple question was “has anyone used it and is it any good” ? It says it’s good for cleaning fuel injectors, cylinder heads and o2 sensors!! It’s called cataclean (I didn’t name it) it says...
  15. Uf28denied


    Have about 10k on the truck and was thinking about running it through! I’m sure it can’t hurt to run an additive, right? Just wanted to know if anyone used it or liked it or not being that it’s 25.00 a bottle !
  16. Uf28denied


    All stock !! Why?
  17. Uf28denied


    Anybody use this stuff on a regular basis? It says to run the tank down to about 4 gallons and then add the bottle!! Is this stuff any good?
  18. Uf28denied

    GJ Motorsports 3rd Brake Light Wiring

    Do you guys have the brake light without the s2’s I already ordered them from you! Lol I would want the black powder coated light with a clear work/scene in the center, basic harness and y-splitter! On the gj website it says 2-3 weeks!
  19. Uf28denied

    Dash cam install with cellink neo!

    Just a quick question! I don’t have a test light (probably buy one after work Friday) but as impatient as I am I figured I’d ask if anyone knows, if I’m using a fuse tap for acc power out of the pass side fuse panel, not having a moonroof there’s a 30 amp fuse in that slot, is it acc on only and...
  20. Uf28denied

    Gen 2 puddle lights/cargo lights mind of their own!!!!

    has anyone had their puddle and cargo lights just come on !! They shut off when you lock the truck but after some time they just come on by themselves ! I read somewhere that the switch in the bed for the cargo lights goes bad and causes the lights to intermittently come on ! Ordered a new...
  21. Uf28denied

    2017 - 2018 Raptor Updates

    When is it gunna be compatible with the 2019?

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