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  1. Matmanand4

    Looking for Raptor R allocation. Willing to pay $30k+ ADM.

    Nice truck. Looks like the one I got last month.
  2. Matmanand4

    Raptor R purchase would you do it again?

    I have had my R for about a month. I have a smile every time I drive it. The dealer has me on the list for the option to upgrade to a 24MY R. I will wait and see how the market for the Raptors play out. Not a fan of the new graphics, but would like to see one up close. Again, great truck going...
  3. Matmanand4

    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    Loved the gen 1 as well. It treated me right. Would have loved to keep it but got a good deal trading it in. Now we will see how the R holds up over the years..
  4. Matmanand4

    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    Now I have to clean it because the tire shine is all over the side of the truck. :rolleyes:
  5. Matmanand4

    R on Lot in Texas

    So this was a different dealer than where I bought mine. Like most of us, I did contact a lot of dealers looking for an R. I have gotten a few calls wanting to know if I was still looking for an R but the high ADM fees killed the deal. Enjoying the truck everyday!!
  6. Matmanand4

    R on Lot in Texas

    If it sits there long enough!
  7. Matmanand4

    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    Just an awesome truck.
  8. Matmanand4

    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    It is sounding better. Just got a call wanting to know if I was interested in an R on the lot. $35K ADM.
  9. Matmanand4

    R on Lot in Texas

    For anyone interested at a high ADM fee, $35K. Just got a call from a salesman for a Raptor R on the lot. See the attached pictures for price. Just passing this along since I already have one. They may negotiate per salesman.
  10. Matmanand4

    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    Thanks everyone. This thing is a beast, even taking it somewhat easy during break-in. Start up in the garage is awesome!!! I really like the color and have a smile every time I drive it. :) Next on the list is the Raptor Assault class.
  11. Matmanand4

    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    Just got the Avalanche Grey R home.
  12. Matmanand4

    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    Salesman called last week and said that someone backed out of a Raptor R because they ordered black but it came in Avalanche. Wanted to know if I was interested. Heck yea. Dealer installed the window tint, line-x spray-in bedliner, and trifold bed cover. Also a product called Crystal fusion on...
  13. Matmanand4

    OEM Bed Extender, Bed Missing Threads, Anyone Else ??

    Found a bed extender from a Gen 1. Any idea if it will work on the Gen 3?
  14. Matmanand4

    New 22 37pp

    Nice truck!!
  15. Matmanand4

    My 2023 RaptorR order

    Very nice. Enjoy it.
  16. Matmanand4

    37pp availability

    I was told by FP and the dealer that my 37pp was on hold. FP said unscheduled with compatibility hold. Dealer says it is the 37pp with the bead lock wheels. Has anyone heard of this or is the dealer just canceling my order. It was unscheduled clean 2 months ago. Thanks.
  17. Matmanand4

    2023 Raptor Order

    Congrats. Hope it makes it in this month. Mine was ordered back in July and nothing so far. Also ordered in DFW.
  18. Matmanand4

    My dealership has 3 incoming Raptors for sale at 5K over sticker

    My Gen 1 does not have the applique and it looks great. I know what I have and love it.
  19. Matmanand4

    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    Did you get your VIN#. If so when? I ordered mine in July as well.
  20. Matmanand4

    Losing Patience.. Sept 1, 2022 Blend Date

    I was told by Ford Performance that there is no way to predict when a truck will get the VIN#. Ordered 7/22 and heard only the email they received the order and the email 45 days later to keep me posted. Dealer has no clue as well.
  21. Matmanand4

    Raptor Assault - debrief thread

    Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Matmanand4

    MY23 new order scheduled for build date in 10 days!

    Ordered mine 7/22/22 and still waiting to get scheduled. Congrates to those who got VIN #'s. :favorites13:
  23. Matmanand4

    Scheduling begins today

    This is good information. I will call my dealership to see what is going on. I ordered on 7/22 and have heard nothing but the acceptance email from ford on 7/23, and the 45 day followup.