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    Cobb FMIC installed. Lost reverse brake assist

    What did the dealer say on this? My truck also flashes this when I start the truck.
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    RTR Evo 6 F-150 Wheel .. just came out within the last month

    Looks great I wish they made them in Bronze!
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    Ford Performance - Tune for the HO ecoboost

    I've got a 2021 Ford Bronco and put the "Factory" Ford Performance Tune on it. I had it done at the dealer (Walnut Creek Ford) as they are an authorized performance dealer. I found out my local Livermore dealer which is garbage anyways can't install any Ford Performance items and retain...
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    Details on the transmission cooler?
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    Engine Cooling?

    This is more for the towing crowd. The Raptor when towing a boat runs a little hotter as expected as it’s pretty much into boost the entire time. I’ve noticed the fans constantly running. It’s not that hot here in Northern California yet. Has anyone reported how the intercooler upgrade affects...
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    Baja Designs behind grille kit and re-wiring Review

    Is there an option to upgrade the lights to the NON SAE variant for more output?
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Has anyone re-captured all of the updates / changes into a new excel? Would make it much easier vs shifting through 54 pages.
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    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    I'm a little confused on the tuner for 2023. I spoke with Chad who runs norcal raptor runs and he said the 2023 is available. When I called Cobb yesterday directly they said it's not? Is it available if I use a goose tune but not a Cobb tune? Cobb would still have to unlock the ECM regardless...
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    High lift jack /overland thread?

    Thank you all, I'm purchasing the Pro Eagle.
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    High lift jack /overland thread?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for recommendations for a high lift jack. I have a new 2021 bronco on 37's and just tried my old jack and no dice. I also have a 37 package raptor and figured I'll need one for both. Id like one that goes tall / light enough to go in the bed for when I do some Norcal...
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    SDI E CLICK preview gen 3 (live valve tune)

    Is this a bolt on to the factory shocks to give additional adjustments?
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    I’ve had the big brother model for my F250 I charged it every two years worked like a champ every time I needed it. I’m a boater and have jumped just about everything along the way.
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    Full xpel wrap on my 37pp

    When you use the Iron-X do you spray it over the entire car like a pre-wax?