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  1. BoonieUno

    Show me your AMB!

    Did you paint match that dumb bottom part of the front bumper and the skid plate or did you vinyl wrap it? I’ve been wanting to get mine to at least match the bumper color. Not sure why they did the grey like that instead of just keeping the bumper color all the way through.
  2. BoonieUno

    Show me your AMB!

    Would love to see these rims from the side view. Thought about getting them but wasn’t sure.
  3. BoonieUno

    Show me your AMB!

    What size Rims are those?
  4. BoonieUno

    Show me your AMB!

    One of her clean(ish), one of her dirty, and one of her in the wild.
  5. BoonieUno

    MY23 Livernois Tune with Dyno

    They graph it a little weird, for some reason they didn’t use red for HP and blue for TQ. The reds are both Stock HP and TQ, the Blues are both the Tuned numbers. TQ falls off at 3500, but HP keeps building until about 5300.
  6. BoonieUno

    MY23 Livernois Tune with Dyno

    Went with the CV Fab Titan V2. Easy install. I had to do a little more trimming of some plastic than any of the videos I saw, but all in all was an easy install.
  7. BoonieUno

    MY23 Livernois Tune with Dyno

    Well boys, I finally got my 2023 tuned, and man is it a world of difference. 83HP and 111TQ gain to the wheels. This first tune is not even all she’s got, can probably squeeze another 40hp and 40tq out of her. Will probably go in a couple months to get a little more aggressive. This is how...
  8. BoonieUno

    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    Any update from @COBB Tuning for us MY23’ owners? Wondering if there has been any progress made?
  9. BoonieUno

    Burger Tuning JB4 for 2023 Gen 3

    Bump. Wondering the same thing, especially MY23’
  10. BoonieUno

    37pp - found and bought in 10 days

    Looks great! What did that run ya?
  11. BoonieUno

    Blue Cruise 2023 ? 2024 ?

    Honestly, my 21 Roush F150 was BLUECRUISE ready, I used Adaptive with lane centering and loved it. Finally the BC update came, and honestly, I would have rather of never did the update, and here’s why. First, let me stop everyone that’s going to tell me I shouldn’t be texting/looking at my...
  12. BoonieUno

    Another kick in the d!@#

    I settled for 35’s and no Pro Power, took the money I saved and threw on some new rims. Had Pro Power on my 2021 and didn’t use it once so is what it is there. Couldn’t be happier…
  13. BoonieUno

    Help with missing Pro Power

    Did anyone else notice BLUECRUISE on his option sheet? I’m I missing something here? Why would they put that on there? I know all the hardware is there, are they finally rolling it out on 23’s?
  14. BoonieUno

    2024 Raptor

    My 2023 Raptor has the eye sensors on the door and dash that are needed for Blue Cruise (My 21’ Lariat had BC). Did the 2022 have that as well? Seems like all the tech is there, just need it turned on. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the adaptive cruise better than the Blue Cruise.
  15. BoonieUno

    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    @COBB Tuning, how’s the 23’ coming along? I’m in MI and have used Livernois before, as well as you guys. I was at Livernois the other day talking to them and it sounds like Ford made a security change to the ECU in production in late 2022, and it’s not the same as the 22’ year model. They said...