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  1. KawaiiRaptor0211

    SDI Eclick on Pre- LV Shock Trucks

    FB Marketplace or FB groups but pay using PayPal goods and services. There are so many scammers out there its crazy they will reuse old pics from old posts. I just got some 2019 take offs for 1500 shipped which is decent-I don't even really need it right now but I bought them to revalve next...
  2. KawaiiRaptor0211

    Flood Ford ESP (Florida Issue)

    Hey there! I kind of did the same as you, I have family I stay with a few weeks out of the year in SC (my house and the truck are in FL) and used their address and no issues so far. The warranty is attached to the VIN from what they told me. I have done some warranty work already and they saw...
  3. KawaiiRaptor0211

    SDI E CLICK preview gen 3 (live valve tune)

    Very cool I wonder if they'll sell a version where you can retrofit it to 2017-2018 model (like what they did for the gen 2)
  4. KawaiiRaptor0211

    WTB Front and Rear Gen 2 Live Valve Shocks

    Anyone here have a full set of 2019-2020 Live valve shocks they would part with and willing to ship? I would pay with PayPal. Thanks all!
  5. KawaiiRaptor0211

    New Raptor Owner Central FL

    Hey There! I just joined that group a few weeks ago and I may go to a run one of these days (Maybe when I rebuild the suspension and get some chase lights). It's def on my list to do. I don't go too crazy in Ocala, just going fast on the power lines area lol .
  6. KawaiiRaptor0211

    New Raptor Owner Central FL

    Hey there! Yeah I mean don't get me wrong I would love to but I can only spend so much per year on the cars haha. Probably. some supension upgrades first and they we'll see if the Cobb tuning is an option. Either way love the truck!
  7. KawaiiRaptor0211

    New Raptor Owner Central FL

    Hey Sweet Ride! Glad you recognized that pic from Tail. It was a fun time and the wife didn't complain which is always good lol.
  8. KawaiiRaptor0211

    New Raptor Owner Central FL

    Hey all- Got a new to me 2018 Race Red Raptor. I use it as my daily, take the dogs around dog parks etc and general truck stuff. Got a Ford ESP 10 years 175K so hopefully I get to keep this for awhile. I plan to keep it stock(ish) since I have another money pit in the garage (with the exception...