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  1. BayRaptor925


    Just installed the airlift 1000 kit on my Raptor R. I haven't towed with it yet but plan to this weekend. I will say even aired down to 4psi I can still feel the stiffness in the rear. I aired them down to 0 and it feels much more like stock. I know they don't recommend it but I am willing...
  2. BayRaptor925

    2024 Raptor R changes

    Couple things I noticed, not sure if mentioned yet. The front tow hooks look square, unless I'm delusional. While I like the look, why not match the rear tow hooks with the same square shape? Not a fan of putting a bumper sensor in the middle of the fogs. While I did think the fogs on 2023...
  3. BayRaptor925

    “In Production” thread

    My back seats came scratched up exactly like this. We thought it was the service department removing the plastic seat covering with box cutters, but after seeing this it may be something more systemic at the factory level. They are replacing all of my rear seat covers. Front passenger seat has...
  4. BayRaptor925

    Brake Pedal Click

    this clicking noise happens on my 2023 R without the engine running so it's something with the brake pedal mechanism.
  5. BayRaptor925

    Tints, PPF and Rodenso laser system are all done.

    Looks awesome! Do you know if they put seams on the front bumper or were they able to wrap it all as one piece?
  6. BayRaptor925

    Official R Delivered Thread

    Thank god I had some JB weld laying around. I plastered it all over my crank case as a preventative measure. No leaks yet.
  7. BayRaptor925

    Prices after shipment restarts

    When I was calling dealerships to find an allocation, I would guess 1/3 of them said the first allocation is for the owner or one of the owners of the dealership, the second was usually to some super fleet client/ceo of some corp. Also, this truck is the pinnacle of trucks for those who love and...
  8. BayRaptor925

    Raptor R Supercharger Replacement

    Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like a one off situation (hopefully)...on the bright side I follow a guy on IG who is absolutely beating the living heck out of his R and looks like he's having no problems.
  9. BayRaptor925

    2021 Raptor Creaking type sound coming from brake booster/abs module when pressing brake pedal

    my '23 is doing the exact same thing. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  10. BayRaptor925

    Job #2

    The jobs report is not looking very good in here.
  11. BayRaptor925

    Might like this?

    I like this, but Ford switched up the marketing on the Raptor. It's now a truck that resembles the F22 - Raptor. I think this was by design when all the TRX memes came out. My brain has now been reprogrammed to think I'm driving a fighter jet. Lol
  12. BayRaptor925

    Add me to the oil leak group

    At this point it's almost safe to assume we'll all get the leak at some point. I wonder if they'll actually start replacing all of the seals on all trucks built through a certain period.
  13. BayRaptor925

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    This was the first thing I noticed when I did a remote cold start on my brand new R. A loud rattle preceded the bass of the exhaust note.
  14. BayRaptor925

    Add me to the oil leak group

    Wow, even the replacement seal failed again. This is concerning.
  15. BayRaptor925

    New 23 Raptor R available today minimal price (read)

    I made a spreadsheet and called at least 60+ dealers around the nation, even looked for ones in less affluent neighborhoods thinking the same thing. Same answer, every time. 40-50k over. Lol
  16. BayRaptor925

    Raptor R Eibach Spring kits

    This is awesome. I look forward to seeing their offerings once they're done with R&D.
  17. BayRaptor925

    Add me to the oil leak group

    Looks like I'm going to have to put an oil drip pan on my driveway (to protect my pavers lol) under my brand new 140k truck!
  18. BayRaptor925

    Add me to the oil leak group

    Does this mean all trucks that have landed require this replacement?
  19. BayRaptor925

    Add me to the oil leak group

    Sorry to read this! How many miles do you have on her? I keep checking mine although I only have 300 miles.
  20. BayRaptor925

    Automatic Software Update Bricked my Truck

    Every tow truck driver should be required to know how to search YouTube for videos related to overrides. I guarantee you he knows how to search for his favorite video on PornHub. Pure laziness.
  21. BayRaptor925

    Exhausted But Committed

    Don't forget the endless amounts of praise the truck continues to get in the media. It seems everyday there is a new article or video being released about how amazing this truck is. Lol. I think it's going to command ADM for a good long run, or maybe even, a short run of production? That's...
  22. BayRaptor925

    “SOME” 2023 Raptor R’s Leaking Oil

    Curious, what were the symptoms of the faulty CV axle? Or was it just discovered on a routine visit to the dealer?
  23. BayRaptor925

    Exhausted But Committed

    I scoured the net and did the same thing for months/weeks, gave up and decided I wouldn't play the game and wait for them to come down in price. Got pissed off at dealers, listened to their cockiness and even wrote a bad review on one of them (which I shortly after took down). Then I had...
  24. BayRaptor925

    Offsets and Rubbing w/ 37's

    Curious to know if anyone has direct experience running anything in the negative offsets with the stock 37" BFGs. I'm looking to order a set of Innov8 wheels and I'm interested in the -6 offset in 17x8.5. Planning on transferring the stock BFG C rated 37's to them. I don't want to do any...