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    Cruise Control Won't Work

    I have an aftermarket front bumper and the company that installed it relocated the sensor. Now my adaptive cruise and pre-collision assist won't work. I asked them about it and their only response was to adjust my front camera to 93 degrees and that I must be an idiot, because it's a simple...
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    Forscan drl mod

    This is what happens when I check the DRL box, switch to auto, and put it in neutral. I just saw a gen 2 Raptor driving down the highway with only the front amber parking lights on, so I know it's possible...somehow.
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    2020 Transmission Issues ...

    I just bought a 2020 (35k miles) from the original owner and two weeks later the transmission failed while on the highway. The truck lost engine power and would suddenly drop from 10, to 6, up to 9, down to 7...etc. It was all over the place. Prior to that, I noticed a few hard shifts while...
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    Good cold air intake?

    I think they pretty much all do the same thing, so I usually just pick the one that looks the best.
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    Sunroof broke this morning
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    Sunroof broke this morning

    What are you using to lubricate the tracks?
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    2018 Raptor - Ambient Lighting

    This might be helpful.
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    2018 Raptor - Ambient Lighting

    To brighten, it should be under Vehicle > ambient lighting. In my 2020, I can only increase brightness. I'm fine with the blue. I just don't know how to turn it on or activate the foot wells and doors. They only seem to work half the time. I'd also like to know where all of the bulbs are...
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    Thanks, but still having problems. The update simply won't download/install, so Ford told me to try the USB method. Now the issue is that I don't have a computer, because I've only been using tablets for a few years now.
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    Oil change - Any reason NOT to go Amsoil

    About $13 per quart.
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    Oil change - Any reason NOT to go Amsoil

    It'd be nice if Ford Racing/Performance or whatever would just recommend a brand like other manufacturers do.
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    No, I synced that FordPass app to the truck and decided I didn't want them to know where I was at any given time. Had to do a factory reset and the update is taking forever to download.
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    Performance Oil Filter

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