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    Question for former Gen 2 owners now in a Gen 3.

    Had a Gen 2, now in a 2023. So much better. I haven’t looked back.
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    Does anyone have a Jeep and a Raptor?

    I have a Gen 3 and I’ve been thinking about getting a Jeep to take on some trails. Am I the only one ?
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    2023 AGM

    Picked this up the other day. Ceramic tint on all the glass. More mods to come. Previously had a 2018 Gen 2.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Awesome! I just booked a time with the shop to get the 1.5 RPG installed. Did you go with orange or black? Given where it is, I'm not sure it really matters. I went out to look and noticed there is some plastic wrapped around the shocks.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    no problems with clearance or rubbing with the 37s?
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    Beadlock ring colorization

    I have the current 2023 beadlock wheels and I'm trying to change the trim ring color. Any suggestions on the best method to do so?
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I don't know even know what "air down" means, I can guess it means letting air out of the tire. I don't know that there is any value in that to me. I don't plan to drive like the video. However I might want to be able to drive through some dirt or muddy areas similar to that at a slower speed...
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I've never been a "wheel and tire" guru. One of the options I like is this VR Forged D02 Satin Bronze (truck) (Full Forged). It appears to come in a 17, 18 and 20" wheel. I do like the "big tire" look that came on my 2023 Raptor 35, but I do not love the 17" rims (they are the upgraded...
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    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    This looks good. Now you have me confused between the smooth and diamond pattern
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    GEN 2 Paint your tow hooks

    Where do you get the orange outlines for the front and tailgate? I'm thinking about getting the bronze ar-601 wheels, which might not go well with the orange though.. Anyone have thoughts on that? I really do like the orange, I have a lead foot.
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    GEN 2 New wheels

    Do you have more information about this deal?
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    GEN 2 New wheels

    I like these vr-601 wheels in bronze for my leadfoot truck. 1) What will they do to the ride? I feel like there is a little side-to-side sway in the stock truck at highway speeds that I would like to get rid of. 2)if I decided to go to a different color truck in the next year or two can...