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    Guys with Sync 3

    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you remembered the steps to activate the front camera. I just purchased a Sync 3 jailbroken unit that I'm going to install this week. The gentleman that I purchased it from said it was done by setting the rear camera delay function on, but he...
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    Drone Killer

    Yes, technically Vibrant advertises the 1142 as a resonator and the 1103 as a muffler, but from talking with their engineer, they share identical construction, and only differ in the overall size/volume. They both have the same 3" ID inlet and outlet to slip over your 3" OD piping, both are...
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    Drone Killer

    Just to throw another data point out there, I recently purchased a 2014 Raptor SCREW with the rear exit Roush exhaust, and the drone was unbearable. I was trying to figure out a cost effective solution and see what I could do with basic hand tools, and I may have found the answer. Roush uses...