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  1. Rybread


    nice build thread, and killer installs man! you take your time and it shows! I'm in Sac, but no Raptor....yet.
  2. Rybread

    New member from Sacramento, CA

    Haha, you are right, but have you experienced the pleasures of a heated steering wheel on cold mornings? Its a very lovely feeling lol She's a beaut, my dad has a 21 bronco and I really like the interior of that, I notice the 2nd gen raptors have some similar looks. Next week i'll plan to hit a...
  3. Rybread

    New member from Sacramento, CA

    Howdy all, I am new to the forum and am planning on buying a Raptor next year sometime. I am still doing a lot of home work on whether I will get a gen 2 or gen 3. I like the looks of the Gen 2 over Gen 3, however the looks of the gen 3 in some colors has grown on me. I also think that some...