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    GEN 1 Fuse Tap

    I bought xtron video head rests. It has a 2x10Amp fuse tap, any recommendation as to where to put it in the interior fuse box? want them to turn off when ignition turns off.
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    Guys with Sync 3

    Ah, yeah, Im familiar with Pheonix, just never heard it called the tesla version. I dont think Sync 3 works on 2012 unfortunately.
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    Guys with Sync 3

    Can you do this Sync 3 with the 2012? And what is the tesla system being mentioned?
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    Post Fuse 27 relocation issue

    Ok, problem solved! Trailor break sensor was do to the removal of the 10amp fuse that I mistakenly thought was the empty 10amp fuse I used to test fuse 27 when it melted. Replaced fuse no issue. As for it not cranking. You need to be careful when opening the inside fuse box. There are 2 molex...
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    Post Fuse 27 relocation issue

    So, don't really post here because my 2012 Screw cab has never had an issues. Runs like a champ until about 2 months ago. I was lucky that when my fuse 27 melted the truck was in my drieveway. I looked at the fuse it was done....singed on one side like all the rest Ive seen. I tried replacing it...
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    Rigid Fog wiring question

    Bought the Dually spot and floods. Installed easily. But the directions are horrible when it comes to the wiring. The brackets come with the wiring harness. Im assuming the three wires in the wiring harness are all that need to be hooked up. But the instructions dont make sense. There are...