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  1. Meat2022

    Brake Pedal Click

    Buy a Tundra .......sorry I had to do it ...
  2. Meat2022

    A/C not cooling properly

    So freon is good? You know the ac blower motor wiring harness has issues at times..see if it's fried looking inside the connector. Wiggle it when plugged in and see if you have any difference in the speed of the fan.
  3. Meat2022

    Garage Sale - Several Sets of Wheels/Tires

    I want some factory beadlockers ....hope you get more sometime soon. Alabama here but I have some connections to get shipments
  4. Meat2022

    New Ford political ad

    These businesses need to stick out of politics and the woke agenda. I don't give a dang if you want to be a Peter puffer or **** muncher...that's your business but the constant in your face and accept me wearing a dress with my buldge showing at preschool is where I have...
  5. Meat2022

    Need to lift a heavy tire for rotation and you are not strong enough?

    Those need to be on my blue envious of those rims!
  6. Meat2022

    First Ford Vehicle - New Raptor owner in Ga

    Welcome! I'm like you, not brand loyal. Love my Raptor for sure. By far my favorite truck I've ever owned. 2nd the T word lol...3rd 94 GMC Z71, 84 Ford Bronco was my 4th for sure with the 351 Cleveland.
  7. Meat2022

    SVT vehicle maintenance loaner vehicle

    So if he is correct....then yes based off of principal alone I get it, but if its based off of the fact that he also has documentation that proves this. Then Ford needs to do what they said they would Again if he is 100% correct on this. I'm not a poop house lawyer so again my opinion.
  8. Meat2022

    Gen 3 - Factory Beadlock wheels and 35 BFG's

    Yep wrong coast. Do those fit Gen1s ? I am looking for beadlockers for mine now
  9. Meat2022

    2014 SE GEN 1 Supercharged, lots of mods, 60k miles

    Trade my blue for your red lol
  10. Meat2022

    trans. temp warning @ sustained high speeds?

    he said why...I'll quote major payne....these transmissions are ....
  11. Meat2022

    GEN 1 Broken front LCA mount

    Glad you didn't roll it and everyone is ok, that looks like a rough fix, maybe it can be handled a lot easier than it seems
  12. Meat2022

    GEN 1 Broken front LCA mount

    How did you do this? Hit something to hard or what?
  13. Meat2022

    The Final Flight of “THE RAVEN”….A Hero’s Journey

    Wow....thank you for sharing brother
  14. Meat2022

    Audio Upgrade Ideas - 2012

    Good thing pretty much all aftermarket touchscreens as far as I've seen are all Carplay and android auto ready. Wireless even if you want. can give you some good ideas for sure and they include a lot of adapters and wiring harnesses and such with purchase of speakers and HU from...
  15. Meat2022

    Audio Upgrade Ideas - 2012

    My sub box didn't require a seat lift perfectly with 2 down firing Fosgates. My box is sealed also.
  16. Meat2022

    Audio Upgrade Ideas - 2012

    I went simple and budget friendly with my sync1 replacement. I know some have done the sync3 upgrade also. I went with a kenwood excelon have to get the maestro rr to interface with the cameras ....steering wheel controls and such. They make a Bluetooth maestro also that can do...
  17. Meat2022

    I convinced my wife that buying a new raptor was a responsible decision. All hail the king.

    Me too...unless my wife is around or asks me what I'm about to do..or thinking about doing..then I do what I'm told like a good soldier lol
  18. Meat2022

    I convinced my wife that buying a new raptor was a responsible decision. All hail the king.

    You could sell a ketchup popsicle to a nun with white gloves
  19. Meat2022

    Any way to reset factory door pin?

    This is correct. The factory pin is located here.
  20. Meat2022

    Has Anyone had to have their front seat cover replaced?

    I know my gen1 seat has hog rings ,had mine replaced when I first got my truck
  21. Meat2022

    Are we waving? I'm waving.

    I live in the country , we wave at everyone, not just raptors. Don't belive the media, we don't judge based off of make and model in the south lol
  22. Meat2022

    Do Gen 3 Beadlock wheels fit on a Gen 1 truck?

    I'll be looking...for sure want to get that look on my truck. The stock rims to me are kinda boring