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    With the price of TRx, why are folks paying ADM for raptors?

    I would agree with this completely. My gen 2 could easily get about 550-600 miles per tank. My TRX the best I’ve seen was 410. However no matter the trip either truck can outlast my wife’s bladder. So to me it doesn’t matter that much. Now waiting for my R.
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    Dealer giving out my R?

    There’s no confusion at all. They want more money than your willing to give them so they will open it up to the highest bidder. I can’t imagine how many of these posts will start to happen when the R actual starts to be delivered. Who knows. May even happen to me. Even with signed...
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    Raptor R Stripped Amenities?

    I can’t imagine they would on a halo vehicle. The real question is, what’s fords reason to put them back in. Won’t help sales and decreases profit to put back in.
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    Raptor R Antimatter Blue Photo Thread

    This confirms why I ordered the AMB. It’s just awesome.
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    7/18/22. Priority 19. AMB, graphics delete. No roof/tailgate
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    Seeing that Ford announce that the Raptor R is really coming..

    Because if I did all that you recommend I couldn’t tell everyone I own an R. I could only say I spend as much money doing all this other stuff that would have cost as much as an R. Reality is you may end up with a better truck in the end as a purpose built truck. However when and if I sell...
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    My gen3 vs trx comparison

    The reality is very few people are able to get MSRP for a V6 raptor. Even less than that will be able to get a R at MRSP. But everyone can get a TRX under MSRP by 9-11k from three different dealers in the US with NO hassle and without making 20-50 phone calls. There is a lot to be said...
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    Ordered a TRX

    I believe a lot of people on this forum, whether they want to admit it or not, just want the baddest truck they can have regardless of this constant RAM vs FORD crap. I had a 2018 Raptor. It was a great truck. Then the TRX came along. It is an amazing truck. Is it better than the Gen 2, in...
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    Any chance the Raptor R will have production deletes?

    I guess everyone is missing the point. I understand they will be loaded. The actual question is will they use up the extra chips for the convenience things (as listed above) or will they continue to delete certain features even for there highest priced truck
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    Any chance the Raptor R will have production deletes?

    Just curious on this one. Since the raptor 35/37s are shipping without the digital temperature read out, without cup holder lighting and the list goes on. Is there any chance they would ship the R with anything less then every option accounted for? I currently am 1 on the list for an R...
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    Finally I have something to contribute. R in da wild

    That is absolutely a must have truck. I’m in for 10k ADM if you are able to track down the owner for me.
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    Dealer Crashed Into My Truck

    They do make money off of service but it has been my experience they are more willing to bend over backwards for a client that purchased there vehicle from them. Ie free loaner car etc. remember this work is coming from there pockets. Not a warranty or paid for service. They may only give so...
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    Dealer Crashed Into My Truck

    Just out of curiosity. Is this the same dealership you purchased the vehicle from? I’m sure this will weigh into how much they will cater to you. I would at least want it back to factory new parts regardless of how minimal the scratch is. Also a courtesy vehicle would be expected. Good...
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    So You Want TRX Power

    They just released a twin turbo add on to the TRXs supercharger. I believe it was “ripatuned” that installed it. Makes over 1000 HP now.
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    5.2L Predator v8 Specs

    Im also assuming that a big advantage to the R would be resale value. There will be no where near the numbers of R's being produced compared to how many TRX's there are. Also I can't imagine there will be many that will be sold at MSRP/Invoice or better.
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    INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY- Join me in investing in our Own Desert Oasis!

    I’m in. Just let me know how much and where to send the money. I would like 10% ownership and guaranteed 2 weeks per year usage. Thanks fir your time in finding this winner.
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    My journey to Raptor R ownership

    Are you sure it will have 37s. I would assume it would only have 35s so they can have a higher speed rating. If your going to have the predator engine why would you limit the speed to 37s.
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    My journey to Raptor R ownership

    It only has a single side exhaust. No way that’s the R
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    Picked my Truck up Last Night….and I Already Have a Leak.

    Actually we own this house together. Take off the glasses to reveal the truth. I have been around here a while too. Just showing it’s ok to like great vehicles from different manufacturers. It has happened before.
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    Picked my Truck up Last Night….and I Already Have a Leak.

    You kidding me. I own a 2018 raptor and love it. I also have a TRX on order while having a reservation for a Raptor R. I love special vehicles that are fun to drive. I hate the Ford fanboy remarks in here. They are both great trucks and have respect for both. Unfortunately you guys on...
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    Gen 3 going to work

    I like the unpaid product placement of the stihl chainsaw. They are the best. I own a lot of stihl tools.
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    Picked my Truck up Last Night….and I Already Have a Leak.

    I thought this stuff only happens to the TRX. Your raptor is no better. However you guys all think that it is.
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    Opinions on taking your Gen 2 to instant valvoline oil change

    To lazy to do myself and also taking to the dealership is a PIA. So how about valvoline instant oil change. I have used them with previous vehicles but didn't know if the raptor is anything special that it should be taken to the dealership?
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    I have to give a big shout out to goosetunes. My 2018 raptor runs so much better with its stage 1 custom ECU/Tcm tune. I finally got it installed and look forward to sending the data logs back to see what other gains I can get. thanks again goosetunes.