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    Decided to feature the Beast in my latest music video (along with Smoke, my 1yr old Cane Corso) - Ricky Alan Draughn

    Must be a production rule that vehicle lights have to be left on. I have never watched a movie or music vid where the lights were turned off on the main vehicle...
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    2021 37 PP AMB - 37X13.5

    Will list the OEM wheels, tires, sensors for sale as soon as I can. Will be available in Bellevue, WA 98008.
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    Pedal Commander Gen2 Vs Gen3 observations

    Yes, I ran city + 4 with G2, mostly city + 0 with G3.
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    Bull Ring Tie Down Anchors

    Got these for the bed and helps a lot for quick tie downs without having to reach down into the bed. Bull Ring 4045 Flush Fit 35° Degree Angle Retractable Truck Bed Tie Down Anchors
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    Builtright rear seat release

    Got this and it works well, never seem to have to lineup the latch in the back. Not sure why but my seat kept flipping forward and after I put this one not having any problems.
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    WeatherTech mud flaps for 2021

    Has anyone received the new WeatherTech mud flaps for 2021 Raptor? I got some Gen2 ones i redrilled but wondering if they changed anything for G3...
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    Pedal Commander Gen2 Vs Gen3 observations

    My Gen2 was sluggish without the PC, it really needed it. Got sick of changing to sport mode every time i got in. Tried the G3 for a while without it and it is definitely better than G2 was, but still a bit sluggish in normal driving around town. Sport mode changes shifting so much it is...
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    New to Ford: 2022 Antimatter Blue

    AMB is a great color, I just don't like the blue velour seats.
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    Raptor R price guessing game

    I think the price will be reasonable, like $10-15k more than 37pp.
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    Wheels and Tires (37 package)(18 x 9 rim 37 x 13.50 tire)

    On my 37 PP I went with 37X13.5 on 18X9 +20 offset and no rubbing anywhere (on road).
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    2021 37 PP AMB - 37X13.5

    WeatherTech mud flaps, the brand does not say WeatherTech on them though, they are rebranding something else. They didn't have 2021 as an option, so had to re-drill. Just put in place and tap with a hammer over existing screw heads to make an impression where the new holes need to go. I will...
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    2021 37 PP AMB - 37X13.5

    Front on delivery day 2/7/2022 Trade-in Previous (2017-2021)
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    2021 37 PP AMB - 37X13.5

    Fuel D515 18X9 +20 offset, 37X13.5 Ridge Grapplers, stock, no lift. At Autonation Bellevue Ford - Just off delivery truck 2/4/2022
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    Estimated Delivery Date

    I am in PNW and it was 3-4 weeks between built and delivered.
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    2021+ GEN3 Raptor Tracking Sheet

    Where is the priority code on the window sticker?
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    2/21 Squad

    Same. Ordered On 06/17/2021. Estimated Delivery 12/31/2021. 37. I know it is alive because most of my codes pushed to
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    Does Ford publish backlog numbers for Raptors?

    GM at a dealer told me Ford is prioritizing shipping F-150s over other vehicles to hold #1 sales position for 2021. Hope it is true, I have a 10/31 build waiting for something.
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    Gen 3 tracking website

    Window Sticker (Put your vin at the end of url) Production tracking (Usually says "This vehicle is not yet available in order tracking, please check back in a few days")...
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    Build date 11/6 Still at Factory

    Use this tracker site instead, ignore the bronco reference:
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    10/14/2021 Will Scheduling actually begin?

    Does anyone know why beginning last week my tracking on changed from TBD to "This vehicle is not yet available in order tracking, please check back in a few days"? Wondering if they re-issued 2022 Vins since it is so late in 2021.
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    Dealer Order - Ford requesting ID

    You forgot the part about when it finally changes from in production to built it shows up at the dealer (in WA) the next day skipping the shipped status. Happened on my wife's Bronco and although it sounds nice, it would have been nice to have a few days to prepare.
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    10/14/2021 Will Scheduling actually begin?

    Once your dealer has the allocation for your order and they put it in you should get a VIN (edit: within 3-4 weeks) and can use this link with a 4 digit number, in my case the last 4 of my phone. At that point it will show "Order Confirmed". If your dealer doesn't have a VIN then it wasn't...