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  1. Morrisabm

    New member, “new to me” gen 2

    Congrats and welcome to the club, good job posting pics, let the endless search for mods begin!!!!
  2. Morrisabm

    GEN 2 2018 Raptor 3.5 liter Valve Covers

    Yes I are they are factory valve covers with a custom paint. What part number they are I have no idea.
  3. Morrisabm

    GEN 2 2018 Raptor 3.5 liter Valve Covers

    That I don’t know it is the only company I’ve seen that sell custom valve covers for Raptors.
  4. Morrisabm

    GEN 2 2018 Raptor 3.5 liter Valve Covers

    Try RMB Motorworks. Website says they sell them.
  5. Morrisabm

    **Naked pics inside, hurry before locked!!

    You’re hitting the pack of highlighters for the garage….total buzz kill with the title.
  6. Morrisabm

    May 12-14, 2023 - Raptors on the Rocks in Moab, Utah

    Dang, headed there in March. Next year!
  7. Morrisabm

    New member in Austin area. 2018 Cobb tuned

    Welcome and enjoy the endless pursuit of what mods should I do next/afford.
  8. Morrisabm

    New from East Texas

    Good looking truck, wise choice in color. Enjoy her.
  9. Morrisabm

    2021 Roush/Alcon Brake Kit Install Experience on 2020 gen 2

    It’s super tight but I used the 7mm spacers and all fit fine. Def not going to run them without the spacers. It’d be nice to have a wheel that didn’t need them. I’m going to have to watch tire shops mount my wheels to make sure they get put back on correctly.
  10. Morrisabm

    2021 Roush/Alcon Brake Kit Install Experience on 2020 gen 2

    Yeah it was the same for me. Finally got mine on and am very happy with the way they turned out. Still need to swap rear brake lines and bleed the system again. Time is always finite.
  11. Morrisabm

    How concerning is buying a G2 without Cam Phasers addressed?

    I’ve got my ‘18 w/48k and have had absolutely zero issues with phasers. Had the recall update done to the software and again…zero issues. If by some random act of God I get a phaser issue down the road I’ll gladly pay 3k to keep my truck running like a champ and to continue the enjoyment from...
  12. Morrisabm

    2021 Roush/Alcon Brake Kit Install Experience on 2020 gen 2

    Did you have a powder coat done or another method for the new finish on these? I’ve got a set on order and want the Roush off as well.
  13. Morrisabm

    Hey all, happy to join you. This is my new to me 2013, 66k, F150 Raptor. Looking for recommendations on running boards and winch bumpers.

    Welcome to the forum. I think you chose the best color. Great gen Juan find and enjoy the mods I’m sure that are to follow.
  14. Morrisabm

    Texplex Permanently closed

    Let me know when you go!!!
  15. Morrisabm

    Mixing E Load and C Load K02’s

    Yeah, I wouldn’t do that on your raptor….or any vehicle for that matter. Each axle should have the same size tires and 4wd vehicles should have the same size all the way around. Spend the money up front to get the same size tires all the way around including the spare. As for different load...
  16. Morrisabm

    On post gas prices

    Damn and I just got bent over for 5.09….$175 later I left the gas station. I don’t get worried over gas prices but Brandon has officially brought Cali prices to Texas with no end in sight. Don’t California my Texas!
  17. Morrisabm

    Bad Experience with Xpel installer @ Seattle Clear Bra

    I’ve got PPF on mine and is worth it’s weight in gold. I was on a narrow trail in Moab and had a large boulder kick up and run down the bottom edge of my bed. It gouged the PPF but didn’t touch the paint. Still have a mark on the bottom mounding behind the rear wheel and that was rhino lined.
  18. Morrisabm

    Hello, I'm new to the Raptor Fam!!!

    Welcome and you chose the best color! Just find some local to you places to off-road. Get some time behind the wheel and enjoy every minute. Just talk with guys you meet and where you’ll off-road to decide what you need.
  19. Morrisabm

    Has anybody else received the tailgate recall?

    Yep got the letter. Glad there is an update. My tailgate would drop driving down the highway….had the original recall completed. I’ve had it happen a couple of times since then but nowhere near as much as before. Little nerve racking when you get home to back into garage and rear camera is...
  20. Morrisabm

    New member in DFW - Gen 2

    Good looking ride, swanky house too. Enjoy getting some dirt on those tires!
  21. Morrisabm

    Pinstripes. Is it still a thing?

    Last pinstripe job I saw was at a Harley dealership which I like on bikes but not on my truck. I’m sure your local Harley shop would know of a good contact if you really want to pinstripe your truck. Is it bad that when I saw the Fiat with whitewalls they looked at home on that truck to me?
  22. Morrisabm

    Pro Eagle jack and JDS custom plate install Gen 2

    I just installed JDS mount in my truck. They now make a mount that places it toward the cab of the truck. The tires strap down directly behind the jack in the middle of the bed leaving the rear section near the tailgate for tools or coolers.
  23. Morrisabm

    PPF Bubbling Above Fenders

    Mine is wrapped below the flare. Never had an issue where you’ve experienced. I do have a bubble from a pin hole that a car wash exposed. It sounds like your vendor is doing a great job working with you.