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  1. Rapt-up

    New Raptor owner in PA

    Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your new truck
  2. Rapt-up

    GEN 2 Just brought home a new 2019 SCREW

    Great looking truck, welcome to the forum. Many good ideas and valuable info here.Enjoy
  3. Rapt-up

    Who else financed their Raptor?

    I financed and purchased my 2019 thru USAA and got the low rate financing for 72 months with an auto debit each month. Super easy transaction.
  4. Rapt-up

    New country new toy!

    Welcome back , nice looking truck ! Enjoy
  5. Rapt-up

    I need help!

    I have purchased several different products from chemical guys and they all seem to work well. They have many you tube videos demonstrating every product .
  6. Rapt-up

    New Member - New Raptor Owner

    Great products,tech support & fast shipping. I love the set I got from
  7. Rapt-up

    Picked up 2020 today

    Great looking truck,welcome to FRF,Enjoy .
  8. Rapt-up

    Never To Old To Own A Raptor

    Incredible story ! Enjoy
  9. Rapt-up

    New member with a 2020 Velocity Blue

    I purchased my fog light set from one of our site sponsors was very pleased with my purchase which included technical support if needed and the quick shipping.
  10. Rapt-up

    2020 In Florida

    Welcome to the forum, Post some pictures.
  11. Rapt-up

    New 2020 802A SCREW in Leadfoot

    Welcome to the forum, great looking color. Enjoy all the comforts and performance ! Nice mods so far.
  12. Rapt-up

    Truck's 2 month birthday

    Welcome to the forums ,enjoy your new Raptor ,lots of performance and capabilities on and off road.
  13. Rapt-up

    New member from VA

    Welcome to the forums, Lots of good info and ideas here.
  14. Rapt-up

    hi from AZ

    Welcome to the forums, lots of great ideas and info here. enjoy
  15. Rapt-up

    New owner today

    Welcome to the forum, a great way to celebrate 50 ! Beautiful truck- Enjoy
  16. Rapt-up

    My new Velocity Blue (with pics)

    Welcome to the forums, I like your truck without the graphics .Enjoy
  17. Rapt-up

    New ‘19 owner

    Beautiful truck with some good accessories ! Welcome to the forums Enjoy
  18. Rapt-up

    Appreciative New Owner

    Welcome to the forums, great looking truck !,Enjoy the performance and capabilities.
  19. Rapt-up

    GEN 2 Winter wonderland in Maine

    Good picture .Its winter time for sure there,but glad I am here !
  20. Rapt-up

    New member checking in

    Nice looking truck ! Enjoy
  21. Rapt-up

    New 2019 Raptor, SoCal

    Welcome to the forum, you will enjoy your new Raptor with all of its features and capabilities. Beautiful truck
  22. Rapt-up

    New owner

    Beautiful truck .Welcome to the forum,Lots of ideas and info here.
  23. Rapt-up

    New Owner Advice 2020 Raptor

    Lets see some pictures
  24. Rapt-up

    Quick Question - Oil

    I change my oil every 5K miles
  25. Rapt-up

    Raptor #4, I'm back again

    Welcome back to the forum, Great looking truck ! Enjoy

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