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  1. heybear

    AUX Switches Labels

    my gen I only has four. does the gen III have more? is it hard to remember? Although my jeep only has two for lockers, and I sometimes have to tell myself, "right - rear. so the left one must be front.". OK. got it... not trying to be a jerk, just curious?
  2. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    good thought. it’s pretty decent metal in shear, but your point is taken. i’ll fire up the welder today. those plates are just mild stell zinc coated, right? just grind it clean and fire it off?
  3. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    affirm. two kits. the super ninja rock-star kit with the doubler plates is also available. but i didn’t do that. :)
  4. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    that’s cool. go right ahead. ok with me. :-)
  5. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    must do performance mod. if you have to ask why, don’t worry about this one. totally embarrassing ford didn’t do this from the factory to save a couple bucks. helpful hints: - take swaybar off at frame. 15mm bolts. everything else can stay together. - have fresh, sharp drill bits and a...
  6. heybear

    2011 Ford Raptor for sale

    will go fast. guaranteed. good price. borderline great price. as an aside. my 2011 with 140k still runs hard and burns ZERO oil.
  7. heybear

    GEN 1 The Gen 1 Raptor Experience.

    i was at our local ford dealership checking out a bronco for the bride. now it’s pretty usual for sales dudes to come out and try to sell a car. but these guys were practically tossing hundreds at me to BUY our raptor. of course, given how tight inventory has been, would maybe have been the...
  8. heybear

    ADM and destroyed dealer relationships?

    I’ve heard many local community colleges offer Econ 101 courses.
  9. heybear

    2010-up f150 raptor easy fix for lower actuator Dual climate control.

    Would have been handy last year... oh well. Helped put some nice mechanics kid through college
  10. heybear

    What beam pattern for A Pillar lights?

    See pic <<<<<< Rigid 6” spots for high speed work. Not shown are the the 6” fogs. truck came with the stupid little square rigid lights. Useless. these 6” units absolutely turn night into day. Even at 100mph, you won’t outdrive those spots. the fogs are set to illuminate the corners and...
  11. heybear

    GEN 1 Differential swap

    So his truck didn’t have the ELD stock? Can he just give that axle plug 12v (perhaps from aux switches) and have fully manual lockers? this seems like a bonus.
  12. heybear

    GEN 1 Differential swap

    i’m not going to do all the homework. but rock auto is a great resource. go on there and see if the PNs for the calipers, brackets, rotors, etc… are the same. “don’t fit” is very vague. rotor holes don’t line up? holes too small? what is actually going on? there should also be a gear ratio...
  13. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    modified dovetail. reused factory trim. with rerouted rear exhaust. stand by for bed-mounted tire carrier fab project.
  14. heybear

    I just found out I got the shaft: My order went up in price retroactive to my build

    I’ve found there as very few problems a little jerry reed can’t make better.
  15. heybear

    4" Exaust etc

    with all respect... they may be out there, but I’ve never heard what I consider a good sounding aftermarket exhaust on an EB 3.5. ive heard many people SAY their EB 3.5 sounds great. But I’ve never actually heard one that sounds great. best of luck in your quest. and keep us posted. :-)
  16. heybear

    Front license plate reposition

    i relocated mine to the garage wall…
  17. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    TTT with pics… notice how he picked up the factory exhaust hanger. and cut it for full clearance. no drone. no exhaust in cab with windows open. dovetail pics in a bit.
  18. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    pics coming. big day! - spare tire moved to bed - exhaust routed through spare area. did a 2:1 out of the muffler and ran single 3” back to bumper. HUGE increase in clearance with dovetailed bed. cant even see the exhaust. this is what i came to write though. i want to ensure that this is...
  19. heybear

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    i think the more coveted ones are the ones without step. if anyone has a silver gate w/o step. i will totally trade for my unit with step and stripper pole. be within a days small plane flight of central oregon. i’ll deliver. :-)
  20. heybear

    Raptor vs Accord

    my current daily (and work truck) is a 2003 ram 2500. it’s been beat, used and abused for 200k hard miles and looks the part. aside from the fact that i drive like a perfect gentleman…. strangely enough, stuff like this just doesn’t happen when i’m in that truck. because nothing says, “i ain’t...
  21. heybear

    Bronco Raptor

    whoa! imagine that. on a message board for vehicles that can approach $100k, it’s almost like there are some business professionals here who know something about brand management. ;-)
  22. heybear

    Bronco Raptor

    since you had quoted me, I wanted to quickly reply... But first, I wanted to thank you for the high quality of knowledge and help in your areas of technical expertise around these vehicles. I have personally found it helpful. as for marketing and branding, your opinion is noted. it is out...
  23. heybear

    Bronco Raptor

    this thing is legit. that said, someday i will meet the ford branding exec who named this thing and punch him right in the d!ck. i can imagine the meeting: VP D-Bag: “we need to strategically leverage the brand equity associated with the raptor to fully realize the cross platform synergies...
  24. heybear

    New from Central Oregon

    hey. sisters local here. pm if you want to connect and chat trucks / motos / race cars / coffee.
  25. heybear

    Dovetail bed exhaust routing pics?

    Thank you. Point well taken. and an apt description of the problem I’m facing. perhaps at this point best to look at some clean bed-mount spare tire carriers that don’t obstruct vision too much... cheers!

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