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  1. Lloyd Christmas

    Code Orange Love

    Congrats! It was a long road for both of us. Funny that we both ended up with Code Orange. Love mine, enjoy yours!!
  2. Lloyd Christmas

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Picked up my 35 Tuesday and drove it 1900 miles back to L.A. Love it. Powder coated 37 wheels added.
  3. Lloyd Christmas

    37 rims with 35 tire

    I will be doing 37 rims on a 35 tire, will post when I get the truck done. Had them powder coated satin black, truck is an Iconic Silver 35.
  4. Lloyd Christmas

    Interior Pics

    I knew I wasn’t the only one noticing QC issues with the leather seats. I’ve seen them on trucks still on the dealer lot. The leather is loose and wrinkles in places.
  5. Lloyd Christmas

    Get comfy. Ford CEO Jim Farley on chips Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Chip Shortage Will Probably Last Through 2023
  6. Lloyd Christmas

    Black Friday Deals (accessories)?

    Looking for any leads on a smoking deal on Retrax Pro XR for Black Friday. Any other Gen 3 related Black Friday deals?
  7. Lloyd Christmas

    Anyone else stockpiling their accessories waiting on delivery or is it just me?

    I ordered them that way. Wanted a clean OEM look with black accessories. If I could find a good looking black Ford steering wheel emblem to match that'd about take the cake for me.
  8. Lloyd Christmas

    Anyone else stockpiling their accessories waiting on delivery or is it just me?

    I don’t even have a VIN yet but I couldn’t help myself. Powder coated Gen 2 beadlocks and black Ford tailgate emblem (I ordered with tailgate appliqué delete).
  9. Lloyd Christmas

    Who's paid the most at the pump on their Gen 3?

    Well, figure I better add to the measuring contest. With gas in some places in the country above $5 a gallon this should be interesting and painful to see.
  10. Lloyd Christmas

    That's it...I'm out

    This forum is easily the biggest d*ck measuring contest I’ve ever seen. And the margin between first and last is verrrrrrrry little!
  11. Lloyd Christmas

    Beadlock? Fugghedaboutit.

    Tell me you have small d*ck energy, without telling me you have small d*ck energy.
  12. Lloyd Christmas

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Did you replace the emblem yourself? Easy enough?
  13. Lloyd Christmas

    You've got to be FKn kidding me

    This is a custom build, hence the markup and why the pic says Under Construction. This guy does custom “Indoraptor” builds for this dealership, he’s already done a Leadfoot Gen 3. Look him up on YouTube.
  14. Lloyd Christmas

    Finally Here 21 ,801A !!!!

    Tailgate applique delete for the win! To each their own, I love the look with the applique deleted.
  15. Lloyd Christmas

    2022 Order Banks

    It's more than just tires. 37 package needs it's own unique chassis and upgraded front suspension.
  16. Lloyd Christmas

    It's here. With a big buttttt...

    Have a 2022 on order with them. :cool:
  17. Lloyd Christmas

    890 mile pick up and shake down drive impressions

    Very cool! I also have a Scrambler 1200 XC, the green one. Good taste you have! They’re a blast.
  18. Lloyd Christmas

    890 mile pick up and shake down drive impressions

    You got the exact truck I wanted! Leadfoot 801a with tailgate appliqué delete and base rims. I will have to get a black one for 2022. Great looking truck!
  19. Lloyd Christmas

    Petition to Ford to add a grey color to 2022 Raptor?

    Well, I chatted online with an agent at Ford Performance, told him I’d seen conflicting info on lead foot for 2022 and he said, “as far as I can tell, lead foot is not being carried over to 2022”.