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    New England Area Raptors?!

    Just north of Boston as well- any of this ever pan out?
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    Inside tire slash, delivered this way?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Looks like a ratchet strap. Not in a place I would’ve seen on initial inspection.
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    Inside tire slash, delivered this way?

    Just went under my raptor for its first oil change- around 2k miles/ 1 month old and noticed a slash on the inside side wall. I’ve babied this thing and 99.9% sure I haven’t hit anything on the road. Any chance this happened in transport or pre delivery? No warranty would cover it right? Thanks
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    Rear wheelwell marker light not working, rear end clunk

    Goes to show how well the dealer completes the state inspection process getting new vehicles out the door. If i went to get an inspection sticker at a garage around here they wouldve seen it haha
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    Rear wheelwell marker light not working, rear end clunk

    Awesome- thanks. Im setting up an appt at mine.
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    Rear wheelwell marker light not working, rear end clunk

    Thanks! was wondering if it might be the suspension issue ive been hearing about. Have you talked to the dealer about the hardshift at all or are you thinking its acceptable?
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    Rear wheelwell marker light not working, rear end clunk

    Hi all, have had a 2022 Raptor for a couple months and noticed my drivers side rear wheel well marker light isnt turning on. Is this common or just something I should head to the dealer for. Have also noticed an intermittent clunk from the rear when decelerating. Very infrequent but feels like...
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    Undercoating questions

    @Oldfart thanks for the info. Where did you have it done? Ive found a shop that says they rinse underneath, then use Saltgone foam to neutralize the salts. then a degreaser before they coat the next day. Should they hit the shocks?
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    Anyone looking for an Atlas Blue 800a?

    Have some info on a New 22 Atlas Blue 800a - Torsen Package and the beadlocks. Send me a message
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    Undercoating questions

    Hey all, just bought a 22 and want to get it undercoated before salt hits the road. Ive had good luck with woolwax on my toyota but have heard that it peels the paint off GM frames. Anyone have preferences on Woolwax ,NHOU etc for undercoating? Also anything I should have them not spray or tape...
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    Undercoating Questions- Woolwax wax/ nhou?

    Hi All, just bought a new gen 3. I live in NE and want to get it undercoated before salt hits the roads. Ive used Wool wax before and liked it on a toyota. Would folks recommend that or something else like NHOU etc.? Also, anything they should be taping off or not spraying? Thanks
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    Real world MPG

    This aged poorly huh? Lol
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    2022 800a value

    They were asking 7k over msrp, talked them down to 1k. After taxes reg etc Ill be around 7-8 k over sticker price. Just fearing that the market drops out with gas prices, recession and the raptor R coming out.
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    2022 800a value

    Hey all. Have the opportunity to buy a a new 22 800a and getting cold feet. After taxes and interest in the loan these things get pretty expensive. I do need to make a call on it asap. Worst comes to worst what do we think resale will be like? Especially with maybe a recession coming up in the...
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    Another Atlas Blue on the way

    Did you order with an allocation or just an order?
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    How long for allocations?

    Hey there, have a dealer offering me an allocation build. Says it’s a 22 but can’t confirm it won’t be a 23. Any idea how far out deliveries are running if submitted now? Thanks