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  1. pghraptor34

    Are the Gen 3's an overall Quality Issue? Prior Gen 2 owner, considering bailing on order.

    2022 with roughly 8500 miles. Had the front camera go bad, the driver's seat leather crease and some light exhaust rattle. Camera was replaced under warranty, so no biggie there. The other issues I've pretty much forgotten about at this point. Got a Ford ESP extended warranty for 8 years...
  2. pghraptor34

    Real world MPG

    Yeah I figured, just joking! Nice looking truck, love Lead Foot.
  3. pghraptor34

    Real world MPG

    Well there's your problem!! Should be running 93 octane! :emotions33:
  4. pghraptor34

    Rattle, Ticking, clicking sound behind interment cluster at freeway speeds. Help.

    Absolutely, I'll keep you posted. Mine is a little different, much more of a rattle. Happens over rough pavement, but not necessarily bumps. I'll see if I have a video clip of it. Definitely annoying, but I keep trying to remind myself regardless of how expensive the Raptor is, it's still an...
  5. pghraptor34

    Rattle, Ticking, clicking sound behind interment cluster at freeway speeds. Help.

    @jsimon77 Did you ever figure this one out? I'm having an intermittent rattle coming from the dash and it's driving me nuts.
  6. pghraptor34

    Normal wrinkle in seat

    My seat is doing the same thing. Bothered me at first, but I forget about it most of the time. The only thing that would truly irk me is if there was a premature tear due to the bunching/stretching. Pretty hard to see the seat bottom when we're driving the truck at least, right? :)
  7. pghraptor34

    What would you do? Raptor vs Wrangler 392

    Use case would help determine the right answer for you. If you're taking a lot of long haul trips/vacations, may do some high speed desert running, have a family and need a do it all kind of vehicle I think the Raptor is the perfect choice. If you're looking for a local run-about/in-town kind...
  8. pghraptor34

    Real world MPG

    Around town I've been getting 16-16.5mpg. With any kind of idling or stop and go it drops to 15-15.5mpg pretty quick. On the highway (only one trip) I was able to get 18-19mpg if I kept her steady. This is with a really careful right foot, any kind of aggressive driving/acceleration and it's...
  9. pghraptor34

    Rearview camera dim driver's side camera out

    I'm having a similar problem. My front camera is blued out, and the rest of the views are a very light grey. Took it in for service, and they assume the front camera needs to be replaced. Waiting for parts to come in now. I would definitely get it checked out if I were you.
  10. pghraptor34

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Nice truck man! Looking good. I made a similar move, STI to Raptor (first truck). How did you like the SS 1LE? It's on my short list for a weekend driver some day.
  11. pghraptor34

    BaseCARE vs ExtraCARE

    Thanks for the insight. Could you give a few examples of the warranty fixing/replacing parts? What failed, did they fix it, etc. That would be very helpful for those of us on the fence. The only thing holding me back is whether or not they actually honor the extended warranty, or do they...
  12. pghraptor34

    BaseCARE vs ExtraCARE

    Anybody have experience using the warranty? I only worry they'll pull the "not covered, not operated according to the manual" card every time you bring the truck in for a claim. If the warranty works well, it seems like a no-brainer given the potential cost of a serious powertrain component or...
  13. pghraptor34

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Mine seems to have gone away. Anybody else have there's come and go?
  14. pghraptor34

    Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery

    I have a theory after getting the message a few times as well. The key fob appears to be pretty strong, and I wonder, depending on where you are in the house, if the car is interacting with the fob as if you were approaching it in a parking lot. Usually, I store the fob in a faraday pouch, and...
  15. pghraptor34

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Have the same problem, only seems to be present on cold starts and first taking off in the morning. Once it is warmed up it seems to subside. Definitely going to take it in to my dealer. Certainly unfortunate, but I kind of expected some issues with the new model and a covid build. Bummer!
  16. pghraptor34

    Real world MPG

    Generally I'm with you, but it is part of the ownership experience. The MPG threads are helpful for potential buyers coming from a different form factor (SUV, sedan, compact etc.). From someone with another pickup... It's a truck, it gets truck-like fuel efficiency. :eek:
  17. pghraptor34

    Real world MPG

    I average 14-15mpg around town, but it's a pretty hilly area. On the highway I see about 19-19.5mpg. Around town I can limp it to roughly 18mpg, BUT that was with barely doing the speed limit and accelerating at 1,900 rpms and less... Hardly fun! If you love the TRX and it's not your daily I...
  18. pghraptor34

    First Truck / Raptor, and some pictures

    Congrats on the truck! Similar situation to me, traded an STI on my first truck, the Raptor. You're going to want to keep those parts, pic R6 is for towing connections.
  19. pghraptor34

    Gen 3 worth it? Debating backing out for TRX

    If your truck is due here in 20 days I would just take delivery. If you liked your gen 1 and gen 2, it's a solid bet you'll like the gen 3. Once you get it you can decide whether it's a long term keeper or not. Honestly, in this market you'd probably be able to sell/trade in your gen 3 for...
  20. pghraptor34

    Seat cover wrinkles/Warranty issues...thoughts?

    Going to take a contrary position here... I would just live with it. Try again if you are truly bothered, but if it isn't perfect on the next go around I would just enjoy the truck. No disagreements that it isn't "right" but you're going to trash your enjoyment of the truck over something you...
  21. pghraptor34

    Price Increase on 2022 Raptor

    Oooooooooffffffff. That's no fun, glad I got my order in when I did. Should drive up resale values for us 2021-early 2022 owners. Wonder if part of the increase was fueled by ADMs, can't let the dealers suck up all of the excess profit!
  22. pghraptor34

    Would you Buy a 2022 Base Raptor....

    Ain't that the truth... nothing but a fully loaded Raptor will do but currently driving a Fiesta.... Oh ok.
  23. pghraptor34

    Looking at Raptors..(Gen 2)

    I came from a 2018 STI, while not a forester it's in the Subie family. My Raptor is my first truck, so I can tell you it's definitely an adjustment (especially in PA). Definitely be prepared for driving a bigger vehicle with worse gas mileage. Having said that, after the first couple weeks you...
  24. pghraptor34

    Deposits on raptors

    I'll second this, I had a similar process with my dealer with a $500 refundable deposit. They confirmed they had the allocation, ordered in October 2021 and took delivery in December 2021.
  25. pghraptor34

    Can somebody sanity check me?

    The 2, maybe 3 line is a giant red flag to me. When I ordered my '22 from my dealer they said Ford gave them all of their 2022 Raptor allocations at the beginning of the model year (17 in total), and there wouldn't be anymore after that. For your dealer to say they MAY get a 3rd is a pretty...