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  1. Buzzard2

    2012 Screw Oxford White

    I had a buyer at 40K but his credit union would only loan like $33 or $34K and he didn't have the cash to make up the rest. I sold to a friend of mine that has a Special Edition 13 and he was taking this one up to park city to have something to pull his snow machines. He has a thriving business...
  2. Buzzard2

    2012 Screw Oxford White

    Sold it for $38K
  3. Buzzard2

    2012 Screw Oxford White

    Thanks CR, I am 8 weeks in to recovery so 4 more weeks and I will be on my feet. Then I can take some good pics. Thought there might be more interest got over 5k in the shocks and all the other extra's. If it don't sell it won't break my heart.
  4. Buzzard2

    2012 Screw Oxford White

  5. Buzzard2

    2012 Screw Oxford White

    Decided to sell my Gen 1 as I just don't drive it much. Has roughly 83,000 on the clock. Truck has the Luxury package with 10 Way Power Cooled & Heated Driver and Passenger Seats, Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (dual zone temperature controls), Sony Premium Audio System, Body...
  6. Buzzard2

    Show your WHITE Gen 1

    2012 with 82,000 on the clock.
  7. Buzzard2

    Gen 1 Head Light Assemblies

    Sorry, These have been sold.
  8. Buzzard2

    Problem with Fox 3.0

    Also contacted Fox and there customer service sucks!!
  9. Buzzard2

    Oil change schedule

    Amsoil signature series says it can go 20,000 miles in between oil changes. I do mine once a year.
  10. Buzzard2

    Alpharex Pro tail lights!

    Thanks got a Set back ordered they have been out of stock for a while.
  11. Buzzard2

    PowerCore air filter from Volant

    My truck came with the Volant CAI with the Powercore Filter. I put a new Filter on after buying the truck added a piece of clear plexiglass for the cover so I could see in the box without unscrewing the cover. From what I have read about them is they are excellent filters and lots of heavy...
  12. Buzzard2

    Alpharex Pro tail lights!

    Any issues with the Alpha Rex Tails ? Getting ready to order a set.
  13. Buzzard2

    I'm amazed how good ceramic pro works!

    Gdog, Did the Adams guy clear that up for you?
  14. Buzzard2

    I'm amazed how good ceramic pro works!

    Ok go ahead and ask him. Are you saying Graphine and Ceramic are the same thing and are interchangeable terms?
  15. Buzzard2

    I'm amazed how good ceramic pro works!

    Graphine is not a ceramic coating it is the flavor of the month for companies that sell detailing supplies.
  16. Buzzard2

    Avalanche Grey Supercrew

    That's my favorite color, wish I could afford it. GLWS!!
  17. Buzzard2

    New Rear diff cover and fluid change

    I Used grade 8 bolts and had no problems.
  18. Buzzard2

    Grille decal

    I really like the side vent flags where did you get them?
  19. Buzzard2

    2014 Shelby Raptor

    I am not a mechanic, so don't know if you could just remove the supercharger and sell it ? Or if you would take to big of a hit on a used SC?
  20. Buzzard2

    Bought the wrong truck

    That ad is almost as good as the GMC tailgate commercial!!
  21. Buzzard2

    GEN 1 AC Air Condition Musty Odor smell

    Try this, I have not used but have a lot of their products and all are awesome.
  22. Buzzard2

    Ram TRX jumping

    I thoroughly enjoyed the jump video, really don't care if he messes up a 90K truck or whatever they cost its his money and doesn't make one bit of difference in my life. "Lighten up Francis"
  23. Buzzard2

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    No it is Gen Neutral. It doesn't Identify as either at this point in its life and doesn't like being pigeon holed.

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