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  1. OICNW-Rob

    Which Deavers?

    Which Deavers would best match my current needs? I have a stock suspension 2020 and a 2023 Apex Nano 208BHS travel trailer with a GVWR of 6000lbs. Hitch weight is advertised as 596lbs. I am running a weight distribution hitch. With the trailer loaded up and family in the truck, I am very...
  2. OICNW-Rob

    No satellite of gps signal after getting roof wrapped

    Great to hear about good customer service these days!
  3. OICNW-Rob

    SPD Equal Length Resonator Delete (Gen3-like trombone) for Gen2s

    I am also interested to know what needs to be modified. I am running 2FG exhaust and am interested in this mod.
  4. OICNW-Rob

    Should i buy Ford extended warranty?

    Your location says you are in Dubai. Does Ford's warranty cover you outside the USA?
  5. OICNW-Rob

    Disable inflatable belt for usage with car seats?

    The LATCH system only has a rating of 65lbs. This includes the weight of the child+ seat.
  6. OICNW-Rob

    Who likes free STUFF? Who likes a good Scavenger hunt? Watch this thread.. Launching SOON!!

    Thanks for doing this! It was fun to look through everything. I scored some flag decals! I will be checking your site out first before ordering my next mods.
  7. OICNW-Rob

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Badass truck! What A-Pillar mounts are those that allow for the second pair of lights?
  8. OICNW-Rob

    Anybody know what this sticker is

    My parents live in a gated community and have those on their cars. They pull up and the gate opens.
  9. OICNW-Rob

    Arma15 Truck Mount

    Only thing I don't like is you cant store a magazine in the firearm. Every second counts when you need to access the gun quickly.
  10. OICNW-Rob

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    I got it mostly for the sound. I realize I could have just vented the stock BOV to atmosphere, but figured what the hell, I was going to be replacing the intercooler anyway, so why not. I am not aware of the sticking issues you are referring to, so I don't know if they fixed it or not.
  11. OICNW-Rob

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Installed CVF intercooler and TurboSmart Vee Port EM blow off valve. Intercooler was a bitch to install by myself, but I got it done. Took it for a drive around the block and as soon as I hit around 10psi of boost blew off one of the hoses. Back to the house to reseat and tighten and took...
  12. OICNW-Rob

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    GooseTuned stage 2! CVF Intercooler and TurboSmart BOV should arrive tomorrow! Winfield is a pleasure to work with!
  13. OICNW-Rob

    2019 Raptor Boat trailer towing in reverse issue

    I had a similar experience with a boat I previously owned. I had a driveway with a slight incline. First time I backed the boat up the driveway, I blew a wheel cylinder on the drum brakes. The trailer was equipped with surge brakes. When backing up the slight incline, the coupler was activating...
  14. OICNW-Rob

    Has anyone tried the T-Rex lower grill with lights?

    Isn't the adaptive cruise control sensor located in the lower left of the bumper. If your truck is equipped with that option, you would have to relocate it in order to keep it functional.
  15. OICNW-Rob

    It's always the simplest things....

    If all you asked him to do was start it, why was it in drive?
  16. OICNW-Rob

    Could this be Ford's plan for the Gen 3 powerplant?

    Came across this article from The Drive. I know everything at this point is pure speculation, but perhaps this is what they are planning.
  17. OICNW-Rob

    dealer sucks

    Haha. Thats funny!
  18. OICNW-Rob

    Raptor Assault

    Had a great time! Shared a truck with @Burr55!
  19. OICNW-Rob

    Raptor Assault

    Sweet. Im headed there for this Wednesday's class.
  20. OICNW-Rob

    Raptor Assault 2020

    Signed up for Oct 13/14, though the reception is still canceled.
  21. OICNW-Rob

    Created Custom Wiring Harness for Upfitter Switches

    That is a really nice DIY harness! I searched the connector type, and the retailer I found the 12 way connector on states its only rated at 13 amps per contact. Upfitter switches 1&2 are rated for 15 amps. None of my lights are above 13 amps, but its something to consider.
  22. OICNW-Rob

    Help with wiring Rigid 20" E-Series Light Bar

    I would be worried as to why you need a 25A fuse when Rigid says you only need a 15 amp. Where is the extra draw coming from? Unless that 15A fuse was just weak. Are you running more than just this light bar on this circuit?
  23. OICNW-Rob

    Cobb accessport with tcm

    PM Sent

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