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  1. DAVfoto

    Stupid question? What is this thing?

    End the thread.... it's over, this solved it all! Back to your couches people!
  2. DAVfoto

    Just got icons installed

    option 2 will be better and it will be more level once you do 2.5 or 3 up front. that is way too high and it will mess with your pinion angle a bit. You may not mind the stiffness but go down to option 2 and you will probably like the ride a lot better.
  3. DAVfoto

    Gen 2 ICON leaf springs

    I want these but too far as I'm in NJ. damn... Were the ones that provided too much lift also Icon?
  4. DAVfoto

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Cost is a factor and shops here are asking like 800 or more for install. Yea the weight factor I thought might be an issue.
  5. DAVfoto

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    I assume use of lift? I have been debating whether I install myself or have a shop do it. I'd do it with jack stands and a jack but not so easy to get up underneath there. If you were in NJ, I'd pay you to help out lol. Thanks for the response and info!
  6. DAVfoto

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Nice! Did you install it yourself? How was it?
  7. DAVfoto

    Fox Race Series 3.0 live valve (2019-2020) take offs

    how much are you looking for them?
  8. DAVfoto

    Mounting plate for new Harbor Freight Badlands jack?

    apparently some really good reviews on the HF jack, may consider getting one myself now as I don't have the Proeagle and it being half as much is a huge factor.
  9. DAVfoto

    Mounting plate for new Harbor Freight Badlands jack?

    I hope they are better than previous HF stuff that has been known to fail, haven't used HF tools in a while and it is half of what a pro eagle is but I wouldn't be surprised if they stole ProEagle designs that were not trademarked and just went with it.
  10. DAVfoto

    Builtright center console panel with safe fitment?

    I saw several posts about the safe and some with the BR IND panel but nothing about whether both will fit with lets say a folding knife, small flash and a multi tool attached to the lid panel. Has anyone done this yet or is this something that I may have to try for myself fitment wise? How...
  11. DAVfoto

    Mileage at Delivery

    lol true. Porsche will be wrapped and even the wheels have covers. Springs will have spacers installed to keep them from sagging during pre delivery, that's why if you see a pre pdi'd 911 it will look like it is lifted. Max speed of 20mph, pretty cool seeing that process from them. Dealer I...
  12. DAVfoto

    Mileage at Delivery

    Worked at Porsche Manhattan years ago in Marketing and I would check new cars coming in for PDI and a lot of them had anywhere from 20-120 miles. 150 I think is the threshold for new car mileage, or it was then. (info might be off a little). If you guys are complaining, guess what Porsche...
  13. DAVfoto

    GEN 2 Rear Bumper with swing away tire carrier

    Haven't had a chance, been busy as hell with certificates and business formation. I have a rough drawing on paper so far. For design purposes I tried to keep it similar to frame cut rears where it's up tight and keeps a good departure angle but still has the beef for the swing out hinge.
  14. DAVfoto

    GEN 2 3” Geisers & Icons Option 3

    You are about even with me up front, maybe a quarter inch down and I have Icons set to 2.25 with 37s (true 37s) Most likely you gained about an inch over Icons top level.
  15. DAVfoto

    GEN 2 3” Geisers & Icons Option 3

    Also curious as to what old measurements were. I am running Icon collars also and feel like the front end might have a bit more height to it, but I don't want to run severe angles on the CVs.
  16. DAVfoto

    Dyno comparison results for my 2017 stock tune vs MPT PR-X 93 tune

    Nice man, I have a 2018 and Just ordered the MPT tuner (SCT BDX) and plan on going with Tow 87 and PRX 93. I do like those numbers, seems to be in line and even maybe a tiny bit more than what MPT claims.
  17. DAVfoto

    2020 Lead Foot Build

    looks awesome, similar to mine with the 705s, my favorite wheel! (except mine is black, not mid travel/long and no armor yet) Were you forced to cut the bed wheel well tubs out, does that leave the bed empty there or did you just weld them back in higher up? Or new ones?
  18. DAVfoto

    WTB: Gen 2 Deaver +3 or Icon Leafs

    Still looking. Need +3 or +4 HD. Will be traveling to SC a couple of days before Christmas going through PA,WV,VA,NC etc..
  19. DAVfoto

    Emergency Travel Kits

    my medic seems to have solid kits but they are expensive. Not sure if you are just doing long on road travel or plan some offroad excursions, a good recovery kit is necessary. Pre vehicle check before going out, change fluids etc. Duct Tape. Sounds stupid but you could actually duct tape...
  20. DAVfoto

    Overland Rack

    For anyone wondering. Uptop overland makes a half and full rack for the raptor. Empty bed or retrax option. They also make a roof rack and a top rack that goes on the bed rack. Gives you flat across the top from front windshield to tailgate.
  21. DAVfoto

    Has anyone done the swarf hidden rear winch?

    I’d recommend a winch tray to attach to rear hitch. You can pull it off when not in use and I believe will attach to trailer harness for power. Use a wireless controller
  22. DAVfoto

    Broken tie rods

    running muds, which will kill acceleration. this guy lives in the West Chester PA area. I hate him with a passion. A video of a ZR2 vs Raptor I think was done by TFL and the Raptor spanked it. Raptor is the second fastest truck out there for offroad models. Third I guess with the R now.
  23. DAVfoto

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Just playing around with photoshop doing motion pics: And I realize I suck at it... I'm a fashion photographer who can't photoshop for shit outside of skin retouching.
  24. DAVfoto

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Where is that and what front bumper do you have? Love it! I want to say one of the bolt ons from ADD/SVC but not sure.

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