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    Real world MPG

    Toyo RT 37x13.50r17, GFC, Decked, Evil MFG Frame cut front bumper, FMI 1" rear spacer. I get low 13's all the time.
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    Wheel/Tire/Combo? Help me find answers

    Can attest to that. 35" truck, running 17x8.5 0 offset methods and a toyo RT 37x13.5. Did require trimming and I still rub on G outs pretty hard. Especially in the rear even with a FMI 1" spring spacer.
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    Bed Cap / Camper Shell Photos and Opinions

    I didn't have to when I had my RSI on there or with my GFC. The biggest thing is you have open the back hatch before closing the tailgate. All vendors will recommend that. I liked the RSi but when hard offroading, didn't know if it would last. Went with the GFC and I love it a lot more. It's not...
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    Tent set ups for Gen 3

    I originally had an Ikamper Skycamp 2.0 on top of an RSI Smartcap but it scared the shit out of me. It would porpoise above 70 and I thought it was going to fly off. Also thought the RSI would shake apart on washboards. Swapped it up and went with a GFC set up and I have beat the shit out of it...
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    Don't quote me on this but from what I've heard regarding Gen 2... Eibach is better on the street and geiser is better offroad. Geiser is only offering a 2.5" front and a slightly heavier duty 1.5" rear Eibach will have a level front spring, a lift front spring, a rear lift spring and an HD rear...
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    Geiser gave me an updated timeline of sometime in October and Eibach is saying sometime after September. Geiser is done prototyping and in production but Eibach is still in testing.
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    I still haven't heard any updates yet. I do know geiser has gotten their test mule in as well so they'll be releasing some springs before too long! Still might be after eibach.
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    Steering wheel leather cracking?

    2021 Raptor 801a that I picked up about 4 months ago and noticed the steering wheel leather is already cracking and coming apart on the lower left hand side. Anyone else had this issue yet?
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    (CV) vs (SVC) intercooler

    I will say, I ordered my SVC intercooler about 2 months ago and received it the next week. Did seem to be missing a hose clamp or two but install was fairly straightforward. Temps when cruising are generally around 10 to 15 above ambient.
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    GEN3 Forscan

    inb4 an inside man at Ford nukes this thread
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    CAI (cold air intake) fitments

    I know the question wasn't directed towards me, but I went with SVC
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    CAI (cold air intake) fitments

    I removed mine, threw a code at first and then it went away the next day and haven't had it come back. Also had a code from a boost leak that was my fault. Edit: went back in the ford pass app and the fault was for- "PCM lost communication with the vehicle active grill shutter module for a...
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    Color Change Wrap

    Man I would've traded you my 21 LF for that! I couldn't find a code orange to save my life
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    RPG 2" rear + 3" fromt = 38's?

    Same here, I'm running 37's in the standard beadlock and haven't had any issues, but some 0 offsets look so good
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    RPG 2" rear + 3" fromt = 38's?

    Running a 0 offset wheel may have the opposite effect you think. You'll have a harder time clearing 0 offset wheels than you will with something like a +25. I would recommend trying some wheel spacers first just for fitment if you don't want to commit to wheels. Wouldn't wheel with spacers...
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    RPG 2" rear + 3" fromt = 38's?

    There are a few who have thrown 39's on after doing exactly the same mods, sometimes looks a little balloon-y with the stock fenders but it's possible
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    Here are some more specs from 52predator who is running a set of preproduction springs from them...
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    For anyone interested, I reached out to Eibach the other day about rear HD springs and here's what they said: "Hi anon thanks for reaching out. Well the good news is we are coming out with the Raptor kit here in the next few months...but in my opinion I think you may be a little undersprung...
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    Headlight adjuster screw, what does this do?

    That screw adjusts to the left and right for each headlight. But, it only seems to make the adjustment while the vehicle and headlights are off (for my dynamic headlights). Found that out when trying to adjust the vertical and went to that first in a roadside panic
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    Electric Lime Color Raptor

    Not me, personally. The color reminds me of old Chevy Sparks in person. But to each their own.
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    I apologize for the dumb question BUT

    My powerboost showed what gear it was in at all times. Showed every gear and highlighted which one I was in. I hated it simply because I could feel and see when it skipped 2nd gear so take it as a blessing in disguise.
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    I ordered the 22nd of February
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Thanks bud! And I can't speak to the wait and ordering with RSI, I went with Offroad Alliance and they had them in stock. Although they were extremely fast with shipping and had great customer service!
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    New member from KY

    Just picked up my 21 LF a week ago and I'm located in Etown! Taking it out to Colorado for a week at the end of April. Let me know if you ever want to hit any trails or anyting.