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  1. MrGable27

    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    My brother in law is sponsored by Method, so he just ordered them direct from the manufacturer. Can’t remember the model # but they’re still on Method’s website.
  2. MrGable27

    Aftermarket fenders?

    I went with Fiberwerx +2.5 fenders with mine. They aren’t perfect quality, but fiberglass (and aftermarket fiberglass at that) never is. The body shop that painted them were able to make my old fender liners work and blend everything in pretty seamlessly.
  3. MrGable27

    Ford F150 Master Brake Cylinder Class Action lawsuit

    Yep, got mine in the mail on Saturday. Thought it was spam at first, but sounding like there’s something to it. Interesting
  4. MrGable27

    Brake system upgrades?

    Gonna be honest, I went with the superduty pads and they’re pretty ass. I expected something slightly more aggressive than stock, but these seem to have even less bite. Idk, maybe I’m just out of my mind or got a defective set.
  5. MrGable27

    Front suspension rattle

    Just got done cutting one out with a sawzall last weekend after the weld broke. Good times.
  6. MrGable27

    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    Mo’ Methods…Mo’ Problems? Idk. 17” Methods and 37” BFG KO2s.
  7. MrGable27

    Gen 1 running board covering unpeeling?

    I think I stepped it between 200 and 300 grit. Just be careful or it can eat into the aluminum (ask me how I know).
  8. MrGable27

    Gen 1 running board covering unpeeling?

    I stripped mine and recoated them with bed liner. Looks surprisingly good for $70 worth of flap discs and spray on bed liner.
  9. MrGable27

    Wild Horsing Around in the Desert

    I love the SCAB raptors. Heavily considering picking up a nice used one when the prices come down.
  10. MrGable27

    My gen3 vs trx comparison

    Where did you guys find your TRXs for $10k under? That would certainly make the decision a little bit tougher.
  11. MrGable27

    Death Valley

    Star Wars canyon is no joke. Definitely badass, but I know a few West Coast squadrons that have lost several F/A-18s in there.
  12. MrGable27

    Off-Roading Essential’s - What I Carry on the Trail

    Can’t tell you that…trade secret. Lots of mine shafts up here in the high desert…
  13. MrGable27

    Off-Roading Essential’s - What I Carry on the Trail

    Thank you for posting something that was actually interesting to read through, and not another “h0W dO i gET a GeN 3 f0R mSrP” thread. Lots of functional gear in here.
  14. MrGable27

    GEN 1 RPG or SVC UCA & Tie Rods

    SVC makes great parts, but I had a pretty ****** experience with their customer service after purchasing one of their bumpers. RPG on the other hand make great parts and have excellent customer service. Understood that these are just my anecdotal experiences, but there’s a reason why I’ll...
  15. MrGable27

    Gen 1 RPG Bed Rack

    Still available?
  16. MrGable27

    Build List - Request Recommendations

    I went with Fiberwerx glass up front, but I bet the ADV fenders fit similarly (like ****). I also went with SVC’s Smurf bumper and I’m a big fan of the fit and finish. Solid list.
  17. MrGable27

    Anyone Know Part # for Skid Plate Bolt and Retainer Nut?

    Do you know if these would be the same for a Gen1? I broke one of mine as well
  18. MrGable27

    New Member 2014 Gen 1 Raptor - Gen1inDallas

    Nice score. My only regret with my Gen 1 is not buying one with lower miles. Love mine to death and hate racking up mileage on it
  19. MrGable27

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    Nah that was plenty helpful. I love my Gen 1, but it’s my do it all vehicle right now and has 112k on it. I feel like I’d be happy with a Gen 2 to fill that role as well (esp. with 80k less miles on it), since I want something quiet that eats up the miles. Luckily my brother in law owns a...
  20. MrGable27

    Well…I just couldn’t do it

    Thoughts on jumping from a heavily modified Gen 1 into a Gen 2? I’m currently in the same boat, and debating on picking up a new to me Gen 2 once the prices come down a bit.
  21. MrGable27

    Driver Seat Holster Mount Ideas

    So I carry appendix year round, other than occasionally wearing my 1911 during the winter months. IF I ever remove the weapon/holster off of my person while in the vehicle, I either put it in the center console or in a small handgun safe I have under the rear bench seat. Idk if I’d be...
  22. MrGable27

    Anywhere to order in California for MSRP?

    This meme is substantially under appreciated
  23. MrGable27

    Intro and some basic questions '13 SVT

    Nice truck, as far as what most people will recommend (myself included): -17” or 18” wheels (method, race line, and icon are very popular) -rebuild the stock Fox’s (Forged Offroad or directly through Fox), or replace with new ones off of Rockauto -Saudi cooler. $98 and it lowers trans temps...
  24. MrGable27

    New Gen 1 Owner in SoCal.

    Just bite the bullet and go with 3.0s. I wasted $900 and a bunch of install time messing with rebuilds at first; ended up switching to Kings after 8 months.