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  1. AZxp

    Purchasing at MSRP?

    Not unless you know a dealership owner
  2. AZxp

    37 Package

    Mo sidewall mo betta
  3. AZxp


    How is the universal working for the gen 3?
  4. AZxp


    Air lift says they're still waiting for gen 3 test truck. Somebody near lancing, MI needs to get over there
  5. AZxp

    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    I if one wanted to retain factory spring rate but pick up a little lift, seems like gen 2 is the play.
  6. AZxp

    Jalopnik on Raptor R…

    Jalopnik. Lol.
  7. AZxp

    G3 Specific Geiser Springs?

    I wish they'd split the difference on spring rates. Offer their traditional high rate coil as a high speed big bump spring and another that is half the increase over factory. I'd buy the latter today. Need a little more spring but don't push it hard enough to justify the decrease in road manners...
  8. AZxp

    Hearing rumblings of ADMs disappearing

    This. Cannot be overstated. The only x factor is the low supply side given the parts shortages. If supply were fixed, adms would vanish overnight but they've been sticky due to the low supply
  9. AZxp

    Air Intake

    No negative effects until you get off the pavement.
  10. AZxp

    35 to 37s on 21/22' Raptor

    I'd recommend searching. Short answer, it's easy to fit 37s depending on wheel offset and how hard you push your truck. 37 spare will fit with a ratchet strap.
  11. AZxp

    My second Gen 3 in two months!

    It's funny how the 35s look anemic after spending time around 37 trucks. Not that 37s won't fit easily on a 35 package but it's nice having it done from the factory
  12. AZxp

    Gen 3 Code Orange 15k ADM

    15k ADM for a 35 truck right now is crazy, no wonder it's sitting. Even in the CA ravaged state of Arizona, ADM are vanishing on 35s. 37s are still a different story
  13. AZxp

    Anyone try these steering wheel covers?

    Suede will hold up a lot worse than your stripe
  14. AZxp

    FS 2018 Supercrew Shadow Black - 3k miles, fully loaded - IN

    Rare low mileage truck. If it were closer I'd be interested
  15. AZxp

    So this just happened….

    It's 100 posts now.
  16. AZxp

    Alternate rear spring options?

    I'm waiting as well. 2022 raptor squats way too much pulling just one sxs and a bed with a few days hunting gear
  17. AZxp

    New Leveling Option - SDI Upper Mount

    I have been waiting for a 1" collar, but this may just do the trick. No distinction on the site so I'm guessing it works for 35 and 37 gen 3s?
  18. AZxp

    Raptor Sports Bet Night

    OP is a mod on wallstreetbets
  19. AZxp

    Aftermarket suspension in lieu of 37PP

    If eibach can retain factory plushness while baking in 1.5 inches of lift, that would be ideal. I like that geiser offers a more performance oriented spring rate but I have a sxs for the real rough stuff. I still don't understand the distinction between a spacer on top of the spring and a...
  20. AZxp

    Aftermarket suspension in lieu of 37PP

    Great information. I don't like the geiser springs as I don't need a higher spring rate. Perhaps the eibach will fit the bill. Conversely, the preload adjustable fox coilovers are interesting. I did not know they offered them for the gen 3. Though preload and a collar are substantively the same...
  21. AZxp

    Aftermarket suspension in lieu of 37PP

    Most dealers are now asking 5 to 10k additional ADP for the 37PP on top of the base raptor. I really want to run 37s but don't want to sacrifice ride quality with a collar on a 35 model. Rather than pay the 37 premium, is anyone making a suspension kit that will allow for 37s and improve ride...