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    Family is maybe outgrowing Raptor

    I owned a Navigator a while back. We had 2 boys in Little League and a new born. Every weekend was a packing experience. A full size SUV didn't have the space for all the baseball bags and strollers, etc. Now if you really need to drive the around with the doggos all the time, then you're gonna...
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    Drive Raptor in LA as daily commute car

    As a daily driver, depends on where you are commuting to but be prepared for traffic no matter where. Main concern I have is the parking, like someone else has mentioned, some garages have low ceilings. I always check before at the height restrictions if I go some place new. Also, around...
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    Difficult Decision

    Don't know why you'd want a new one. It looks like your current one will be just fine after a nice wax.
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    Day trip to the Mojave Lava tubes

    Did you find the location of the Ark?
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    Prediction: Raptor R ends up casualty of Ukraine/Russia war…

    If the gas goes to $5??? Here is So Cal the price has been around $5 for 87 for the last 6 months. As soon as the war started the price jumped to $5.20 that morning. So what do I do? I drive in to the gas station, dump $135 into my tank and go on my merry way. Life goes on.
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    My 24-Day Pandemic Road Trip Across America

    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!
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    Rappy splash graphics

    Good looking truck!
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    "FUSE #27" Oh sh-- Moment

    I had the dealer do mine way back when during a oil change visit. I had to pay for the fix since there wasn't a recall but for peace of mind it was worth. Didn't want to have an "oh shit" moment especially with a family member on board.
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    Strange alarm sound at cold start up

    Maybe a radar detector? Do you see any lights flashing on your dash?
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    New member from across the pond

    Nice, but are you able to find parking spots there? lol
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    Ceramic Coating Gen 1

    Like glass! Very nice!
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    this installers take on connections

    Very nice write up. thanks for taking the time to do it.
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    OJ's Audio Update

    Nice clean install. thanks for taking the time with all the pics. Great job!
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    Moab/southern Utah and western Colorado

    Great shots, some of those shots look like post cards. Thanks for sharing.
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    GEN 2 Our New Halon Fire Extinguisher + Mounting Bracket!

    Hi, looks nice, but I was wondering about the size. Pictures might be deceiving but it looks kinds small. How many trigger pulls do you get with this? Or how long will it spray might be a better question. Also, what a about refills? thanks
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    All in the family!

    Nice Rides, and welcome. Is you garage carpeted? Not hating, just wondering :-)
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    Buy these quick! Only 18 are available!!!

    Yeah, but do you really gain 15 hp using these? I say 10 hp max
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    GEN 1 Steering rack replacement

    Hi, I have just started to have some what I wouldn't call big vibration, very tiny vibration, maybe like a hum i can feel on the steering wheel. I only feel this when I turning the steering slightly on the road. Putting the steering wheel straight shut the vibration/hum off. Could this be the...
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    Gas prices

    Holy Crap! Here in So Cal, prices still $3.29 for the cheap stuff. I haven't seen any price dropping.
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    Squirrels.....Game On

    I just had this problem. I started to smell something burning when I got off the freeway but since it mostly smelled of burning brush, I didn't worry too much about. Thought it was a brush fire in the surrounding area. Then the next day, same thing. Got off the freeway and smelled burning brush...
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    alcoolaid's 2017 Raptor - Weekend Warrior

    Great write up. That tent looks nice and cozy. Thanks for sharing!
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    Newbie Picked up 1 of the 5 Raptor Crate engines for F100 Engine Swap

    Very cool! Please keep us updated and thanks for sharing!
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    newborn and raptor, any thoughts?

    I have a '13 Screw (I know, I know wrong forum, this is Gen2. Sorry) but my truck had way more room that the wife's Navigator. I could climb in the back and strap the 2 kids in both their car seats with no problem. Throw the stroller in bed of the truck, or when it would rain the stroller in the...
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    GEN 1 Moon Roof Track Exploded!!!

    Happened to my 13 SCREW. I didn't use the sunroof too frequent and then one time I was closing it I heard some snap. I looked and the glass was not fully closed. I tried to just tap the switch to fully close and the damn thing opened and was done. Wouldn't close. A big storm was in the forecast...