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    Fair Drag Race..Finally

    My first 2500 Ram was $54k loaded back in 08 and that was crazy money for a truck then. 15 years later and $100k is normal conversation for a top level truck.
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    yeah I just didn't know if there was anything else internally beefed up on the R.
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    What kind of power do you think the 10R80 will be able to handle reliably in the R? Seems like 750-800 hp and 700+ lb-ft torque is where clutches start to see their limits in Mustangs and other F150 models.
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    Lowered price - 2017 Raptor

    Any interior pics?
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    I've heard that about 37 model Gen 3s but was curious if they changed spring rates or anything on the R that made any difference. Not that either truck is exactly track car worthy haha. Would love an R to go next to my TRX but not on your level just yet!
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Throw some track armor on it and do the break in drive home! Definitely temporary and won't look incredible for the drive but it will do the job of keeping the paint safe.
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Have you been in other Gen 3s? Curious, outside of the obvious power difference, if ride is similar. From my seat time in a Gen 3, your description is spot on. Feels like I am comparing a viper to a corvette. Both are insanely capable, viper just requires you to drive it hard to extract its...
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    Brand New 2023 1,200 mi blew transmission while driving

    The type of connector used nowadays only let go at higher pressure. They don't typically leak until full fire hose. Same thing happened with a handful of early TRX deliveries too. They're pushed in 95% but the clips didn't full seat.
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    Dealer emailed me. Price drop on a 23' Code Orange 35 package

    Truck in the pictures has a different VIN than on the window sticker link or ad
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    Raptor R Dyno

    Breakfast entertainment at its finest.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Steelit is great. There is a reason TT teams use it.
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    2023 Raptor R slower than TRX

    Finally a race with the R against a TRX with 37s.
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    SCORE 2023 season

    I feel ya. I have a two year old and @willwwright has a couple monsters himself. One weekend won't kill you and Baja is the ultimate recharge.
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    What am I missing on my front end rebuild?

    If you're replacing upper arms, just go with a billet uniball arm. Also, replace ball joints on the lower arm. If you really want to get everything, replace the bushings on the a arm pivots too. Last thing would be the hubs.
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    SCORE 2023 season

    It's Mexico. $50 can get you out of anything.
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    SCORE 2023 season

    Baja welcomes all! Even TRX owners like me. Jokes aside, whats stopping you from coming down for any of the races?
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    Raptor Assault

    Looks like they added a specific Raptor R assault class too. Curious if they'll have a fleet of Raptor Rs for that or do they just have an R ready to join the regular group
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    Airborne Raptors! JUMP Pics and Videos

    Looks like a good time! Lucky you didn't break the back window haha. Also, let the truck land and settle a bit before stabbing the brakes and it will likely be smoother.
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    2023 Avalanche Gray Raptor available from a GREAT dealer in NC.

    Costco is 3.79 and normal name brands like chevron/shell are around 4-4.25 a gallon
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    MSRP Raptors Available

    Avalanche is no longer available as a deposit was just sent for it. It went for MSRP.
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    2023 Avalanche Gray Raptor available from a GREAT dealer in NC.

    Thanks for the help! @willwwright is buying it right now and will have it shipped here to CA shortly.
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    Purchasing at MSRP?

    That's the challenge for us Californians haha. Among other things.