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    Looking for Raptor R - Will pay $150k

    See you are in Doylestown Pa. Fred beans Ford of Doylestown has had an agate black one on their website for a while at $166k. Couldn’t hurt to try to talk them down some if it’s still available or meet somewhere in between as the hefty ADM doesn’t seem to be an issue.
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    2023 Raptor at MSRP - will pay up to $1k finders fee (or $2k in BTC)

    It’s a dealer plate. And agree our PA plates aren’t the best looking but few are.
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    2023 Raptor at MSRP - will pay up to $1k finders fee (or $2k in BTC)

    Hindsight is always 20/20. You still are driving a sweet Gen 3 and saved 12k for virtually the same truck. Wait to see what the refresh brings.
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    She's here...37...and the color is...

    Awesome looking truck. i like the hood graphics. Side graphics are ok (prefer the clean look without them though) …but the big 37 on the side is too much IMO.
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    Predictions on how long over MSRP pricing will continue?

    You would better off reverting back to stock or selling privately with those mods. Dealerships generally prefer stock vehicles.
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    Who buys a raptor R?

    And you can get $10,000 to $12,000 off of an order at a number of high-volume dealers around the country. Just takes a little research And willingness to buy out of state usually. I really like the GEN three raptors, but not Fords allocation system that is too pro dealer and a big detriment to...
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    Predictions on how long over MSRP pricing will continue?

    Yep. If they thought limiting supply was a good idea manufacturers would have done it in the past. Dealerships are simply reacting to unprecedented conditions in their favor, its not some genius business strategy or plan. Dealerships will revert to chasing volume as always once these...
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    Traded my GEN 2 for GEN 3 this weekend.

    Sharp truck and great deal! Congrats and enjoy it.
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    Insurance: What the Fr*ck!

    Have had State Farm (auto/home/umbrella) for 20+ years with a few claims (mostly comprehensive, but one collission. Always done with OEM parts, never one hassle, and very affordable rates and good service. Helps our agent is very good.
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    Things to check after taking delivery

    Confirms the proverb a fool and his money are soon parted.
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    Wait or buy this one....

    Hope it works out for you and don’t sweat the 37. For daily driving you can’t go wrong with the 35. Icing on the cake would be if the 37 wheels were an option for the 35 truck.
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    Delivery Day

    I think a dealer actually having/getting an allocation is more of the issue For the 37pp trucks.
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    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    Giselle. Oh wait she will be getting Tom’s In the divorce settlement
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    My dealership has 3 incoming Raptors for sale at 5K over sticker of the oldest trick in the books. For kicks a few weeks ago I inquired about a 22 37pp a local dealer had in transit advertised for MSRP. The SM told me he was willing to work a deal with me on it but already had several offers well over MSRP. I said why then would you want to talk to...
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    2022 37 Performance Package - Carbon Fiber Accents

    There is no carbon fiber shifter available in any of the G3 packages.
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    MSRP to MSRP I agree the Raptor R is probably the better value truck, and what I would prefer if they were more available and at that price. The reality is anyone can get the discounted price on an ordered TRX and only a very few lucky ones will get MSRP on a Raptor R. Most will pay a large...
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    You can get 9-10k off an ordered TRX from a number of dealers. A loaded R is closer to $114k Even if you add in delivery or flying to pick up TRX and the drive home, difference is closer to $15k+ before ADMs
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    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    He probably didn’t have an allocation for a 37. It’s a crapshoot how many 37‘s will actually get built with the Ford clown show with the Raptors and trying to find out if a dealer really has allocation or just stringing people along.
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    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    Georgia may be one of the very few states that allows diminished value when the policy holder is at fault or there were other circumstances surrounding the accident we are not aware of. The policy premiums charged would have to be much higher in order to cover DV claims for at fault accidents...
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    2023 Ford Raptor R orders will open after debut.

    This isn't really the whole story. Ford has been terrible with producing and delivering G3 Raptors, so it exaggerates the "demand". Their allocation sales model also skews things. I don't believe the demand is that much different than in 18-20 when Raptors could be had easily, in most cases...
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    Just picked up my 22!!

    The Oxford white looks really sharp. Congrats and enjoy it.
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    Giving up on getting an allocation.

    I’m with you there, which is why I am currently Raptorless. Not a big deal as I am in no hurry and can wait to see how things shake out in the next year or so.
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    Giving up on getting an allocation.

    Ive seen up to 10k off MSRP on ordered TRXs a while back for a few dealers in the country, but anyone claiming 10k off invoice is just BS, especially the guy saying multiple dealers were calling him offering that deal (unless he is the owners kid or something like that). There are a few dealers...
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    2022 800A Rapid Red for Sale

    I was just going to say the same thing. Would crack me up back in the housing bubble fiasco of the mid 2000’s when people would tell me “my bank says I can afford this“.
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    LF 37pp in NJ on the ground

    Every 3rd Gen Raptor seems rare cause Ford just can’t produce and deliver them.